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Push Th’ Little Daisies

I have a lot of lawn. A LOT. I have enough to make some more garden beds for me, have a play area for Hazel and the dog, landscape the front in a totally no-mow way and still, I have this lackluster side yard that bores me to tears. So I’ve decided to make a stylized prairie, of sorts, just for my little daughter to play in. It will be made almost entirely of daisies. Disclaimer, one of the things I like most about gardening is the opportunity to make new discoveries and at the worst, know with authority what ideas won’t work. Yeah, this daisy field is an experiment. Who knows if it’ll work?

the pink string, bag o’ bulbs and bulb holes….
Sand/seed mix
the path
And when the bag I used to carry/mix the bulbs broke, I had to improvise….

Here’s what I did: First, I roped off a small area in the side yard so I could be sure that I didn’t get distracted and plant seeds all the way to Alabama. Amazingly, I found marking paint I bought 3 years ago and marked off a path, too. Eventually I’ll have gates or arbors or something at the 2 ends of the path. I still have NO idea what the path should be made of, but I feel like there’s time to figure that out. (I’m not counting my daisies before they are hatched.) Then I stole a few bucketfuls of Hazel’s sandbox sand, emptied more than 70,000 seeds into a fertilizer spreader that came with the house, mixed it up and aaaaaaway I went. After speading the seeds, I dug a bunch of holes and planted a few hundo bulbs my friend Jean Ann just gave me. I’d say I’m late at planting my bulbs, but really she JUST gave them to me. So I’m on top of it and she’s the procrastinator, not me. Right?

I think it’ll look cute, if it works.

I was out there digging holes like a freak and Dan came out in his country club best, with a golf club and asked me what the dill was going on out there. Even though I had explained the daisy field to him many times before today, he felt that asking me again while I’m hot and sweaty and exhausted would be a great idea. He then asked where he could practice his golf shot if not RIGHT THERE.

I told him to push up the daisies.

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  1. AllThings_Gardening 04/15/2013

    Okay then -- will be waiting to see the outcome and can just picture all those sweet daisy plants. Sounds sooo gorgeous!

  2. GardenersWK 04/22/2013

    It is never to late to plant bulbs! I have friends who plant theirs in the middle of the winter and some right before the last frost. Keep us posted on the daisies field! It sounds so good!

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