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Pinterest, anyone?

Hey all–so sorry for the lack of GPOD today–I’ve been laid up with the flu for the past few days, and I didn’t have access to the tools I needed to pull together a post for this morning. BUT…why not revisit the GPOD Pinterest page? I update it every few weeks, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Back to normal tomorrow, I promise! –Michelle

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  1. PeonyFan 03/11/2013

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. user-1020932 03/11/2013

    flu=no fun, feel better fast

  3. duckcovegardening 03/11/2013

    Well wishes for a speedy recovery and just think, spring in 9 days!! While you are healing, plan your gardens :-) and know your loyal readers are thinking of you - you will be better in no time!!

  4. Annedean 03/11/2013

    Thanks for suggesting Pinterest-- you've done a great job organizing the gorgeous photos. Hope you'll be feeling better soon....

  5. pattyspencer 03/11/2013

    Totally love Pintrest - very very very very addicting - you get on for a couple of minutes and find it's been a couple of hours. You can find a kazillion things you want to do to your garden on there (crafts and home and everything else too)

    Hope you get to feeling better Michele!

  6. bee1nine 03/11/2013

    Hi Michelle, I'm sending a little Get Well wish your way..
    in hope's you are getting some deserving rest and feeling
    your brightest and best in no time!!!:)

  7. brainbear 03/11/2013

    Drink lots of tea and rest, hope to see you back sooon. :0)

  8. wGardens 03/11/2013

    Good Morning Michelle, (and all of you!)
    Hope you are feeling much better. Our best wishes are with you!

  9. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/11/2013

    So sorry you have been sick! Hope your family has escaped the flu! Don't try to get back to full speed too quickly.

  10. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/11/2013

    Sending sincere Get Well wishes your way,Michelle. Hope you have a lovely outside view to speed along your recovery. Or maybe it's still a blanket of snow up in your part of CT but, hey, that can certainly be beautiful. I know where I will be spending some time this morning...getting lost in the GPOD Pinterest page.

  11. terieLR 03/11/2013

    Sweet rest & recovery Michelle. Oh, if I must... Pinterest, here I come!

  12. user-1020932 03/11/2013

    michelle, raining here now so i have been snooping around past gpod features and found your place! snazzy, beautiful, comforting and i remember the days i had a swing hanging from the tree. i do, however, wish your husband could hire out down here. i could keep him busy here at home for a long time. i never let lack of extra cash slow me down!!

  13. bethnbijoux 03/11/2013

    Michelle, you work so diligently to bring us such beautiful content every weekday... so take some time for yourself now and get better. LOVE what you have done on Pinterest!

  14. Happily_Gardening 03/11/2013

    Oh gosh sorry Michelle the flu got you down. That just won't do so I banish the flu from you...ok I'm being silly but just a little laughter is always good medicine. Sending a virtual steaming bowl of homemade chicken soup. Get well soon!

  15. priscilla_zone5 03/11/2013

    A big YES to Pinterest... so many fantastic gardening pix + ideas! An even bigger NO to being sick with the flu... hope you're feeling better real soon, Michelle. Take good care of yourself.

  16. tractor1 03/11/2013

    Michelle, the flue is a miserable way to begin spring. I wish you a speedy recovery and an offer of a steaming pot of garden vegetable soup with smoked ham hocks:

    Pinterest was a most enjoyable stroll down memory lane, great job!

  17. Aylett 03/11/2013

    The Pintrest garden site is wonderful. I didn't know you were on there. Thank You! Don't overdo! Lots of liquids!

  18. NevadaSue 03/11/2013

    Michelle, So sorry you are laid up with that flu bug. He is not a very welcome visitor. I hope you are feeling much better real soon. Wish I could bring you a cup of broth and a bouquet of flowers... you are in our thoughts. Thank you for all you do to bring us a bit of sunshine in flowers and gardens each day. I will enjoy the interest pictures.

  19. greenthumblonde 03/11/2013

    We miss you. Pinterest it is. Take it easy and get better soon.

  20. dadeo1 03/11/2013

    yikes! sorry to hear you got the flue bug, maybe a light misting of neem oil will take care of it ?! No? All us garden photo gawkers wish you the best !

  21. mauritian_host 03/11/2013

    Get well soon Michelle the pinterest page is amazing!!

  22. MichelleGervais 03/11/2013

    Gosh, you guys, all these wonderful wishes, and soup, too! (Tractor1, you can go ahead and FedEx that to me aaaaaanytime.....kidding!) I'm feeling quite a bit better. I'm back at work, still drinking lots of fluids, and working on tomorrow's post. THANKS SO MUCH for all the support!

  23. user-1020932 03/11/2013

    glad you're back on track as spring is about to pounce upon us all

  24. MizScarlet 03/11/2013

    Hi Michelle, I'm a Master Gardener Volunteer and am often up and out early--leaving the GPOD until late afternoon or early evening. I don't always take the time to comment, but I certainly always enjoy the pics--taking the time to study each one. I just realized how much I would miss coming home to this "treat" if it were no longer available. So, today, I just want to say "thank you" to you and all the contributors for making this a wonderful part of my day. One day I will have more time to enjoy and comment at my leisure. Thanks!

  25. cwheat000 03/11/2013

    Pinterest is great. Thanks for introducing me. It was extra awesome you put some of my garden photos on there. It has been a nasty winter for viruses. Feel better and I hope spring comes soon. I did my first day of clean up in the garden today. I already have spring fever.

  26. user-1020932 03/11/2013

    cwheat, your comments always give me a boost, filled with energy and enthusiam. for some reason i had never seen your gpod features so i searched them out. great gardens and i examined each and every photo on all your features. your comments are always that 2nd cuppa coffee for me ! thx

  27. tractor1 03/11/2013

    Michelle, I'm so glad to hear that you got that nasty flu bug licked and are on the mend. Feel free to stop in anytime for all the soup you can eat, I still cook like I'm feeding the crew on the John Paul Jones US DD932. I had the most awful sinus infection for three full months, from October through January, after mega doses of three different antibiotics I finally won out... it's no fun being sick. I was so miserable that some days I should not have posted here.

    It was 45 degrees today, the snow is melted and it won't be long I'll be spending most of my time mowing again... I'm hoping for a dry summer, I don't mind some rain but not so much that my fields are mud and I can't mow. This us the first year since I can't remember when that I'm not cooking corned beef.

  28. cwheat000 03/12/2013

    Thanks, tntreeman. I enjoy all your input, too. You sound like a lot of fun.

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