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National Call-Out-Sick-From-Work-To-Stay-Home-And-Pull-Garlic-Mustard-Before-It-Goes-To-Seed Day


This Friday is National Call-Out-Sick-From-Work-To-Stay-Home-And-Pull-Garlic-Mustard-Before-It-Goes-To-Seed Day. So start thinking up your excuses now people, because those things are about to BLOW. 

I have a special hatey feeling for Garlic Mustard, as it really shouldn’t be composted,since it continues to go to seed even if you pull it in time, it should be bagged and hauled away to a dump- which just isn’t right. Or it can be burned, which also seems like more effort than it deserves.

I’m training my kid to pull these jerks. It’s an old family tradition, since I was paid to pull them once I got just a little bit older than she is. 

So you have a whole week to work up a story. Start with a little cough on Monday and crescendo up to fake sneezing all over the office on Thursday. Make a big show of talking about going out to a possibly dodgy new sushi bar on Thursday night. I like faking pink eye. That’s sort of my go-to…


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  1. Ruth 04/22/2012

    I'm in! It's rampant here in Connecticut, and I pull them like mad. I drive my dog crazy. He thinks he's out for a walk, not for a "park and pull". Now if I could only convince the neighbors...

  2. susan749 04/22/2012

    My husband and I are retired and we have been pulling garlic mustard for weeks. I plan to try and do some every possible day. We have 10 acres and the garlic mustard is the worst this year. We work at it every year. On the positive side, where I have worked the longest at getting after it, I can really see the difference: there is way less than other places where we haven't gone after it. We do spray with Round-up in the densest areas of garlic mustard in the early spring before any of the native plants are up.

  3. KissMyAster 04/22/2012

    Ruth! It IS about convincing the neighbors, isn't it?!

    Susan: It's great to hear that you DO see a difference where you've been working the hardest. I needed to hear that!

  4. MichelleGervais 04/23/2012

    I'm surrounded on 3 sides by garlic mustard. It's insane. It's hard to get motivated to fight the tide. Luckily, it's easy to pull! The horseradish that's been popping up in my garden beds? Not so much.

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