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Margareta’s garden in Connecticut

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

It’s amazing how often gardening comes up in conversation in my everyday life, no matter where I am or who I talk to. A few months ago I was having trouble with my hand, so I went to see a specialist in a nearby town. In the course of diagnosing me (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, by the way), my doctor, Dr. Lionel Brown, asked me what I did for a living. Well, out came his iPhone with pictures of his wife’s beautiful garden! “You should really see it in person,” he said. So, months later, at a follow-up visit after my surgery (this guy is GOOD–I’m completely back to normal after only a month), I gave him my card, and the next day his wife, Margareta, called me up to invite me for a visit.

Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

It’s a beautiful garden, for sure, and I’m sharing a few highlights today with Margareta’s blessing. The first two are from a container grouping by the pool. I especially loved the two magnificent specimens of crown-of-thorns and the cool face pot in the front.

Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

The next few are of a rose arbor on the hillside, with the seating area scattered with fallen rose petals. The spherical metal sculpture in the background was made by a family member, and I was totally in love with it. The last photo is of a metal frog that was familiar to me. It was made by an artist named Charles Smith down in South Carolina, and the garden I used to work for had one. His frogs are just so happy, and they lighten the spirit of every garden they grace.

Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

This garden was BIG, and for a while there I forgot to take photos as I was enjoying it, else I would have shown you more. Cool thing is, other than some help with the mowing and heavy lifting, the Browns do all of the work themselves. And that’s a LOT of work. I don’t think I saw one weed while I was there…you can tell these people love what they’ve created. Thanks so much for welcoming me into your garden, Margareta. It was lovely!

Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/15/2012

    Michelle, you did my old eyes a real favor with your photography when you provided close-ups of some of the more intriguing items. I had my nose almost pressed against the computer screen in the first pic because I wanted to see more detail on the light colored pot. Ha, ask and ye shall receive since the second photo showed it in all its fun glory and I was able to smile back at the gracious lady with her bountiful curls. The sphere was also a mystery object that drew my eye for closer inspection. Of course, I now have a crush on that handsome hunk of frog and would love to sit next to him and share in a cocktail.
    This is a beautiful garden that well communicates the love and thoughtfulness that has been put into it by Margareta and her proud husband.

  2. cwheat000 06/15/2012

    Great examples of garden ornamentation; just a few wonderful pieces, well set in the landscape.

  3. wittyone 06/15/2012

    The frog is a wonderful touch!

  4. elizk 06/15/2012

    Love Dr. Brown! And the garden is great, too. He fixed my elbow and it's like new.

  5. tractor1 06/15/2012

    Gotta love Boodles the 2ni frog... yeah, I could join him for my favorite quaff. I imagine that art is dear, more examples here but no prices:
    I love that pool because it doesn't pretend to be a pond, and those potted plants are very intriguing speciments. And I really enjoyed those conifers, only wish the photos were sharper.

    (a lucky photo at 600')

  6. pattyspencer 06/15/2012

    Love the different elements. I think "The Queen" (3rd pic) is my favorite.

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/15/2012

    tractor1, thanks so much for providing the link to the Hamlet Gallery featuring Charles Smith. Somehow, that led me to getting on another website that was created by one of his sons, Beau Smith... who also does large frog sculptures. Anyway, seems like there is a complicated family story going on as Beau shares on his blog. So, I've just spent some interesting time reading about something and someone I knew nothing about until you pointed me in the right direction. Here's the son's website address...

  8. tractor1 06/15/2012

    meander1; thank you for the link. Earlier I was perusing the works of the other artists linked on that page but I ran out of time to look further. For about a year now I've been looking for a statue to set on my septic tank cover but so far nothing appeals... one of those copper frogs may work if weightly enough not to be blown away but it would need to be about 2' high. We really should thank Michelle for giving the artist's name and location, that made it easy to search... thank you, Michelle.

  9. soilgoil 06/15/2012

    Just loved everything about this morning's garden! Margareta, your garden is a joy to behold! Of course, I love the copper frog, but the other sculpture is wonderful and mysterious, too. It brings to mind a poppy seed pod that's just burst.

  10. EyeLean 06/15/2012

    I think Mr. Frog is toasting the garden's creator, "CHEERS! to a job excellently done!" He made me chuckle out loud when I clicked on it and I also appreciate knowing how to get a hold of one for myself. What garden couldn't appreciate their own dapper frog residing in it to salute all the beauty?
    Well done to Dr. Brown and Margareta! Very lovely!

  11. sheilaschultz 06/15/2012

    As usual, the days I'm out the door at the crack of dawn without time to check GPOD... containers appear. Love the story behind the photos, adore the whimsey and I'm definitely coveting the face pot! Have a relaxing weekend everyone... tip one to the frog!

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