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Lori’s garden in Utah, Day 1

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s photos are from Lori Carpener in Layton, Utah. She says, “I look forward to checking out the garden photo of the day each morning. I decided it was time to submit a few of my own.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener

“I have been working on my garden since we moved in four years ago. At that time, there was no garden and no landscaping whatsoever. The yard consisted of hard construction clay, a few struggling scrub oaks and construction materials.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener

“Because there was so much hardscape to accomplish before I could start planting any beds, I really got into planting pots . . . too many when it comes to watering them! But now, I miss them if they are not there, so I just enjoy the quiet time while I water each morning. In Utah it is so hot and dry in the summer that daily and sometimes twice daily watering is a necessity. Beware, potted plants are addicting!”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener

Gorgeous containers, Lori!! **Tomorrow we’ll be checking out some of the hardscape Lori was working on while tending her pots. Stay tuned!**

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lori Carpener


Spring has sprung, and I know things are kicking out in your gardens. I have a bunch of awesome books to give away. The last photo is the batch I’ll give away to 5 people from everyone who sends me photos of their garden this week.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You send in photos of your garden to [email protected], along with a brief description. You know how much you like to read everyone else’s garden stories–now it’s time to tell yours!
  2. At the end of the week I’ll compile a list of names of everyone who sent in photos and choose 5 names randomly from a hat (perhaps a flower pot…). The first person gets first pick, second person gets second pick, etc. I’ll email you if you get picked.
  3. After all the winners have chosen, I’ll tell everyone who won, probably the following week.

Here is a list of the books:

  • Pick of the Bunch: The Story of Twelve Treasured Flowers  by Margaret Willes
  • Ginkgo by Peter Crane
  • Gardening Vertically: 24 Ideas for Creating Your Own Green Walls  by Noemie Vialard
  • World’s Fair Gardens: Shaping American Landscapes by Cathy Jean Maloney
  • Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees  by Nancy Ross Hugo
  • The Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City  by Patrick Blanc

Now get cracking! I can’t wait to see what’s happening out there. But no worries if winter is still hanging on in your area. Send photos from last year!

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  1. user-1020932 04/01/2013

    nice container plantings, i know what you mean about daily watering/ that is my daily planning time. once you have containers in a given spot it's just "not right" without them. i'm itching to get things growing here but not for another 3 weeks i'm thinking

  2. user-1020932 04/01/2013

    Michelle, no book winning for me unless photos of mud, washed out edges, missing mulch, various frozen plants and masses of Narcissus torulosa from wind/snow will create a winning entry.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/01/2013

    Lori, you were wise to scratch your gardening itch with beautiful pot compositions while you took your time to plan out hardscape decisions. Looks like you have a stunning home with wonderful earthy tones that will serve as the perfect backdrop for all your landscape choices. It takes time to get to know a property and get a feel for what you want where. That is a breathtaking view and it has to fill your heart with exuberance just to gaze out upon it.

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/01/2013

    Great containers. I have a hard time believing those lush planters are in Utah!
    Michelle, the GPOD email I received said 'sorry there is a problem' and did not link. Don't know if anyone else's email came that way. By the number of comments and 'thumbs up', I'd think so. Just navigated here on my own.

  5. MichelleGervais 04/01/2013

    Yes, I think everyone got the error email. We're working on getting it sent out again this morning. Thanks!

  6. pattyspencer 04/01/2013

    Really like the planters - especially the one that frames that doorway - it's really stunning! Can't imagine the amount of water you use - but that's what keeps them all looking the gorgeous way that they do

    Glad you fixing this - I didn't get an email at all - had to come in through the one I saved from Friday.

  7. tractor1 04/01/2013

    Yep, I received the "Problem" notice too, so I waited a while but no new email arrived so like the hired help I entered through the back door... in the picture of the back door it's framed by with what I think are the best pots.

    I immediately noticed that picture of books because its centered on my favorite tree, the gingko... anyone else who loves gingkos can enjoy them at The Gingko Pages:
    Also here:
    The first thing I planted when I arrived here ten years ago were two gingko saplings, both are doing very well and are now at about 12' full fledged trees.

    Lori's pots are spectacular, I think the most luscious I've seen, they do look like she baptises them religiously. From the little landscaping peeking around the edges I can see it looks very professionally done, gorgeous mature plantings. And I do like that view... I know just which direction I'd aim my migh powered spotting scope... I'd bet there are many very interesting wildlife goings on to peep at. ;)

    That looks like a lovely mountainside estate type abode, thank you, Lori, and more pictures please.

  8. bee1nine 04/01/2013

    Very appealing vignette's of lovely and stunning container's
    Lori, and cleverly contained too!
    I just love the versatility of garden pots!!
    *Not fair to have this APRIL FOOLS glitch happen on you
    Michelle, this morning! :(

  9. wGardens 04/01/2013

    Well, that sure makes me yearn for more photos! Lovely containers, lovely home, lovely views!

  10. cwheat000 04/01/2013

    Bravo to you Lori for creating, and even more impressive, maintaining those lush containers. I start out every year with really good intentions for my containers, but my mid summer I am sick of watering them. I would love to invest in some drip irrigation for the areas where I group most of my pots. I love the way the silver Dichondra spills out of your pots, in the second photo down from the top. You really got the maximum flower power out of those containers. A greenhouse could not have done better.

  11. greengenes 01/24/2014

    Lorie, what a beautiful place! Your pots are very nice and iam sure the watering is fun. I enjoy that time in the morning as well, when the morning just gets going and all the birds are singing...etc. Lovely for sure! Your view is wonderful too! It will be great to see more of your place! Isnt it fun to see everyones gardens in the morning!

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