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Looking Forward to Spring in Massachusetts

Memories of warmer times

My name is Cindi Jacobs, and I live in Wayland, Massachusetts.

I have been gardening for years and in this home since 1997. We have 12 perennial beds and one acre of land. Today’s pictures are from our backyard.

This first photo shows our firepit area. In the way back is the veggie garden (not yet planted) and a practice skiing slide. One success I’ve had was building the firepit area myself; however, it didn’t come without challenges. In fact, I have changed the flooring three times: from pea stone to river rock and now to teak squares that clip together. The teak flooring is the most comfortable and the easiest to clean.

I enjoy walking paths, multiple places to sit, and seeing “treasures” in the gardens. This path leads to the front of the house.

Scenes from late summer

My son and daughter used to climb this tree, and one old sign remains.

variegated ivy containerI love using containers with annuals for season-long color and interest. Two of my favorite annuals are variegated ivy (Hederahelix, hardiness depends on the cultivar, but all can be used as annuals) and licorice plant (Helichrysum petiolare, Zones 9–10 or as an annual), as they last all season.

The pool area is landscaped with pea stone. Texture and hardscape are just as important as the plants themselves.

This is a close-up of the summer blooms in the pool area. The distant brick path leads to the back door.

Another view of spring blooms. Over the past several years, I have thinned out the iris by giving away more than 30 plants a season. If you’re in my neck of the woods and need iris, look no further. I learned how quickly they multiply and take over. My advice is to use them with care.

Looking forward to spring weather!


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  1. mjensen 01/20/2020

    beautiful,all the flowers i love,great job,

  2. calliopegirl 01/20/2020

    Love your garden! What are the tiny red flowers at the base of the climbing tree?
    I am just NE of you in Melrose on a less than 1/4 acre and have same love/hate thing with my iris. Also changing up the "flooring" for the firepit area as I have been gathering up cobblestones where I can. I like your idea of the teak squares.

  3. User avater
    simplesue 01/20/2020

    Nice! You know how to live! Pools, flowers, little paths to explore, and even big open space to look out into.
    I've never heard of the Teak patio flooring until now- I learned something new from you!
    I just ordered Siberian Iris and good to learn from you that they really spread and take over I will consider that info when I plant mine.
    That perennial border around the pool is really pretty!

  4. btucker9675 01/20/2020

    Beautiful garden and I've gotten inspired by your gardens around the pool. Ours is still being built but is the same shape - yours really looks nice with the borders!

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/20/2020

    You have certainly created a very picturesque property to enjoy in all the best possible ways...whether you are strolling to a destination seating area or, having arrived, sitting and gazing about. I love your inclusion of the bright and happy colored Adirondack chairs. They give a festive feel to your gardens.

  6. cheryl_c 01/20/2020

    What a lovely antidote to the bitter cold many of us are braving this week. I was especially taken with the lovely contrast in the next to last picture - are those agapanthus on both sides of the iron fence? combined beautifully on one side with rich pink and on the other with a bright buoyant orange! Quite nice! Thanks!

  7. [email protected] 01/20/2020

    Thanks for sharing your garden. I love all the plants, and also the cute pillows! Quilted? Appliqued? My second favorite activity is sewing/ needle-crafts.

  8. User avater
    TimVaughn 01/21/2020

    Great job! Such an amazing decoration!

  9. carolineyoungwilliams 01/21/2020

    Cindi, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful garden. You have included everything from a relaxing area to exploring the unseen. I also love your choice of plants and the color combinations. I've enjoyed touring your Blessings.

  10. foxglove12 01/21/2020

    I love the way you have beds on both sides of the pool fence. One big bed. I agree that plants and their textures are just as important as the hardscape and its textures. Lovely garden.

  11. User avater
    TroutChisholm 04/02/2020

    I really like this post!

  12. User avater
    RobertDaves 05/06/2020

    Very informative!

  13. josemurphy 08/27/2020


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