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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Here’s a grand example of using a mirror to expand the visual space in a garden. In this version, however, a large, wall-sized mirror almost fools you into thinking the garden keeps going, when in reality, it’s just a reflection. In fact, I can see myself over there!

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  1. grizmom3 10/20/2010

    What a clever and great idea!!!

  2. ncgardener 10/20/2010

    I love the way the plants are growing around the "entryway". I agree, great idea.

  3. Deanneart 10/20/2010

    This is the best use I've seen of mirrors in the garden. It's so well sited and the plants growing around it make the illusion perfect.

  4. PGregitis 10/20/2010

    It does look nice, but I wonder how many birds have flown into it already?????

  5. KariLonning 10/20/2010

    The mirror is VERY effective, but I too, worry about the birds,

  6. user-7006895 10/20/2010

    I was recently in a small urban garden that used an old full length mirror in it as well. It's doubled the size of the small space - really was a great illusion, especially in that small brownstone garden. I asked owner about the birds and she said that in the year or so that she'd had it there only one time that she knew of where a bird had hit it.

  7. crazeknot 10/22/2010

    I love the whole concept!!!

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