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Joy’s garden in Antigua

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

Today’s oh-so-welcome photos are from Joy Farrell in Antigua. She says, “Here are some photos of my garden in December. I live in Antigua in the Caribbean. I have a small rental with just enough land surrounding it to have a cozy garden. Friends have described it as an English cottage garden but with tropical plants.

Bromeliads in the foreground. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

“Having lived and gardened in both the UK and US, I feel fortunate to have this kind of weather, and to have blooms all year round. However, it does have its drawbacks, I always lose a few plants if the rainy season is extreme or if there is an extended drought period. The temperature is usually always somewhere in the 80’s and there are constant tradewinds to offset the heat. I am always adding and changing something, considering there was nothing but grass when I moved in two and a half years ago, I have certainly added a lot.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

Gorgeous, Joy! How did you know that this is exactly what we needed? Thanks so much for sharing, and please do send more photos to help us get through the winter.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

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Plumbago in the foreground. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Bloom from my swamp lily. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Blooms from my orchid tree. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/28/2012

    Who knew there was such a thing as an orchid TREE!? Certainly not me! Soon as I finish thanking Joy for bringing some joy to this particular reader's gray, cold morning, I'm off to do some google reading. How tall does an orchid tree get? Are there different varieties? So much info to gather.
    Your garden is beautiful and you are obviously a dedicated caretaker who helps keep it flourishing and interesting.

  2. tractor1 12/28/2012

    After yesterday's snow Joy's tropical garden is indeed a joy. The lush tropical plants remind me of when I lived in Belize.

  3. priscilla_zone5 12/28/2012

    Hi Joy (my new BFF), I'm ready to book my flight. Please let me know when you're available for an overnight visitor for at least a week. Seriously, your luscious tropical photos took me away from the 30* cold + 8" of Thursday's snow, if only briefly. I'll save them to refer to during the rest of winter. Thanks for sharing your garden paradise.

  4. lovemyyard 12/28/2012

    I love seeing tropical gardens when as the song goes, "The weather outside is frightful.." here in NY.

  5. lhwlhw 12/28/2012

    Heading to Antigua 3rd week in January for our annual the weather and the tropical plants available. I envy you's so cold in New England now. Your garden is beautiful.

  6. pattyspencer 12/28/2012

    Who knew Aloes flowered like that? Or Bromeliads as landscape plants - pretty neat! And an orchid tree? Your garden is beautiful!

  7. Wife_Mother_Gardener 12/28/2012

    I love seeing your aloe in bloom. Thanks for sharing, Joy!

  8. cwheat000 12/29/2012

    Oh, the possibilities! It must be a lot of fun working with a whole new palette of plant material. You have chosen and combined some beautiful ones. The only downside I could see is you never get a forced rest from gardening. Enjoy your beautiful location and garden.

  9. sunterra7 12/30/2012

    Greetings from frigid Minnesota. I am late in seeing this post but glad I didn't miss it. Warms me up to see such a beautiful tropical my dreams I would be able to garden in both climates!

  10. joyfarrell 12/31/2012

    meander1 the botanical name for the orchid tree is Bauhina, I usually just go for the street name of the plant, mainly because i dont know or cant pronounce the other names. @lhwlhw if you are in Antigua, why not take my Gardens of Antigua tour (268) 480 2999. @priscillazone 5 please feel free to visit if you are in Antigua, you can contact me at this number. thanks everyone for your lovely comments. i enjoy my garden so much and i am glad if it gave you a little joy as well.

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