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Jeff’s Early Morning Memorial Day Walkabout

Wow, Jeff's Sarracenia is stunning! Thanks for the quick tour!

"Cool but colorful on a Memorial Day Weekend. I think the Sarracenia are my favorite plants in the entire garden."

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/26/2015

    Well, surprise on I thought I was late to the party in seeing a new gpod and now, it turns out I'm the first arrival. Love your pictures of your exotically beautiful pitcher plants, Jeff. They look like a Chihuly glass exhibit come to life. And what a great idea to fill your lovely vase with the cut stems of alliums...such an eye-catching arrangement.

    1. perenniallycrazy 05/27/2015


  2. perenniallycrazy 05/27/2015

    Stunning indeed but all the other photos offer a variety of amazing wonders & specimens as well.

    Photo 3 - The conifers, Tradescantia Sweet Kate, the Alliums display and of course, the Gunnera.

    Photo 4 - The plant combinations, textures and movement are amazing. Equally attractive is the lard kettle converted into the planter - definitely worth container envy IMHO.

    Photo 5 - That Alcalypha is truly irresistible. Does it have dangling flowers in the summer? Do you overwinter this in the basement?

    I have to say that the lot leaves me wanting to see more. Lucky for me, I have and I am sharing some favorite of mine amongst Jeff's Memorial Day lovelies. I call the first one Jhihuly and the second one Phantom of the Opera Garden by Jeff. I'll let Jeff fill in the very interesting stories behind the source and creation of these fun garden features. (Tim, I hope that you don't miss these...)

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/27/2015

      Thanks fo throwing in a few more photos, Cherry, and the IDs. This time I see Sweet Kate and she is definitely a Tradescantia! she fooled me last post.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/27/2015

    A treat as usual, Jeff. Do my eyes deceive me or did I miss the agave? :)
    I'm trying my first sarracenia in a bog container this year. They're tiny, but I'll show them your photos for inspiration. I love the haze of the Saxifraga stolonifera flowers. Each flower looks like a buck-toothed cartoon character and I marvel at how hardy this common houseplant is! (well, it was common in the 60's and 70's!) Mine a really taking off this year and are starting to unfurl their bloom stalks.
    Cherry, are you sure that last pom pom is a plant? I thought it was a cool party decoration left over from a fun time for Jeff and his grandson!
    Awesome, Jeff! Thanks.

    1. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      tried to give you an Agave pic but it won't let me,,,,,,file too large

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/27/2015


    2. perenniallycrazy 05/27/2015

      Snicker... looks like a showgirl's headpiece (that she left behind) from one of Jeff's wild parties....
      I am so loving that Saxifraga of yours!

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/27/2015

        Well, now I'm going to look for one of the plants that is unusual in some way, clone it and sell it. It will be called Saxifraga 'Dancing Showgirls'! or maybe Saxifraga 'Jeff's Wild Parties' or maybe Saxifraga "Cherry's Tiara". I think they're all viable and marketable names!!
        Of course this would be funnier if I were tracking to what you were referring. I'm busy thinking about 'strawberry begonias' but you're commenting on the pom-pom, which TRULY looks like a showgirl's headpiece!

        1. Nurserynotnordstroms 05/27/2015

          Ha ha yes all good names Tim.

        2. perenniallycrazy 05/27/2015

          Guffaw! It could also be Marge Simpson's Coif but I much prefer all the names you suggested. Where is Jeff?

  4. wGardens 05/27/2015

    Jeff, always enjoyable to see your gardens and containers. Especially love the close-up of the Sarracenia!

    1. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      i had a visitor here once that called them cutthroats,,,you can see why in that close up

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/27/2015

    Here's a close up of a single flower from Saxifraga stolonifera: so cool. At least I think so.

    1. digginWA 05/27/2015

      Love that whole genus.

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 05/27/2015

        Such a delicate interesting flower...kind of like a very miniature orchid.

    2. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      i'm gonna go out right now with my big glasses and check out the flowers

  6. sheila_schultz 05/27/2015

    What a fun start to my day... the sun is out and gorgeous photos of cool plants abound on GPOD! I, too, love your Sarrancenia Jeff. I would have said they would have a tough time growing in dry Denver, but after all this rain... I'm thinkin' they'd be pretty happy ;)

    1. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      sheila they love humidity but i think they are just the coolest plants ever or at least this week i do

  7. Cenepk10 05/27/2015

    Loved it all. And the spiderwort. So pretty. And exotic

  8. Nurserynotnordstroms 05/27/2015

    Jeff will you tell me more about your Sarracenia ,how you plant them ,in what type of soil and what you do in the winter,or just your routine care. Your are obviously very happy. I want to move mine out of their pot into the ground. Love love love your gardens.

    1. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      mine are growing in an old bathtub that i sunk into the ground. partially clogged the drain so the water seeps out and i can refresh from above so it doen't get stinky. i filled it with peat and literally walked around in it like Lucy stomping those grapes, i refresh with a bit of fresh peat every spring (i haven't done it yet this year , i'm late) i don't do anything in winter for protection, i am zone 6b and they make it just fine. the official rules are to never give them treated "city water" but i have for years and it does not seem to hurt them. i never fertilize, enjoy the vivid fall colors, leave them be until spring then i cut all the tops off and let them start again

      1. Nurserynotnordstroms 05/27/2015

        Thanks Jeff for all of the great information,ha you made me when when you described the stomping around like Lucy,I could picture it

  9. user-7007140 05/27/2015

    Jeff, your Garden is always packed full of interesting plants and imaginative objects.
    Looking again, I particularly like the pairing of the alliums in the vase and the teeny tiny pine tree - very clever. Your sense of style and design is unerring.
    Cherry and Tim, thank you for contributing, too. Love Jhuily - great fun, and the flower on the Saxifrage stolonifera is something I have never seen and beautiful. It looks to me like an exotic new butterfly.

    1. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      Eddi, that pine tree won't be teeny tiny for long. it's a Tanyosho and will fill out on top in the next 2 to 3 seasons

  10. schatzi 05/27/2015

    Always beautiful, unique and interesting. Always a pleasure to see your gardens, Jeff.

  11. GrannyCC 05/27/2015

    Wow Jeff I love the Sarracenia and all your lovely plants. you have such an interesting and eclectic garden and it is a great way to start the day.

    1. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      Catherine, i have a crazy garden . if i see a new plant i gotta watch it grow

  12. GrannyMay 05/27/2015

    Always a treat for the eyes (glad we can't smell the Sarracenia!) and always something new to look up - thanks Jeff!

    1. user-1020932 05/27/2015

      have to get really close to smell them, May. they aren't that bad but they are definitely "earthy"

  13. user-1020932 05/27/2015

    Kay, which plants were you curious about? happy to identify them for you

  14. janeeliz 05/27/2015

    Jeff, you have the most fascinating garden! It is full of wonderful surprises like your sarracenia...and love that you are growing it in an old bath tub.I have a bog but it is clay so have one small one in a pot but it is nothing compared to yours.Thanks for all the tips and the inspiration to be open to using ALL found objects!

  15. thevioletfern 05/28/2015

    The Sarracenia are my favorite, too, in spite of so much to choose from. Wonderful. I would get up early for this, too!

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