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In the Nick of Time: Winter Pot!

Here’s a step by step on how I made a pretty deluxe, really cheap, quick winter pot.

First, I ripped out the summer annuals, which were still alive for some reason. It’s gotten down to 16 degrees for peat’s sake!

Using the existing soil, I dug holes with my pruners for these skanky old pieces of birch I’ve had lying around. Then I added a whole 2 pieces of really nice silver fir that I scavenged from work.

From there, I added a lot of short pieces of white pine to fill it in. It’s cheap and has great movement. I hate winter pots that look all frustrated and stick-straight.

Once it was all pine-y, I added the truly deluxe oregonia, 2 bundles of it. Pricey, but it makes all the difference! Then I popped in some berried juniper and decided it was going to need more height.

In true Kiss My Aster! fashion, I happen to have a lot of black painted twigs laying around, so I added some of those, along with some peacock feathers.

And, of course, a lil’ peacock. I bought 5 of them for this pot but when I put all 5 in, well, that looked like Las Vegas at night. This works because now I have one for my wreath, too.

Do you like where the peacock is placed? I feel like I couldn’t quite make it work…

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