How to Create an Easy Water Feature

Video by Steve Aitken, Edited by Christine Alexander

If you have ever been to a garden with a water feature, then you know how charming it can be. Water features create a quiet, contemplative mood in any space. The movement of the water and the reflection off its surface are elements plants can’t really provide. But if the thought of adding a water feature to your garden conjures images of backhoes and a lot of plumbing, relax. There is another way. This easy-to-create water feature doesn’t require any excavation or pipes. Even better is that it takes barely more than a day to create.

Materials needed

  • Container
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Putty knife

Optional items

  • Mosquito dunks
  • Solar-powered fountain
  • Decorative elements

Process overview

This water feature involves plugging a container’s drainage hole with putty, waiting for it to dry, and then filling the container with water.


Containers that are low and wide are the best options because they provide more water surface area and are easier to see.

Evaporation helps deal with any mosquito larvae, and any agitation to the water will disrupt their life cycle. The larvae float close to the surface, so overflowing the container as you top it off should take care of them.

Plumber’s putty can be found at any hardware store.


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