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Highlights from the Gloucester Garden Tour

By: Kim Charles

The Heinz 57 family compound house.

Lori Jacobi recently had the opportunity to visit the gardens in Gloucester, MA. Enjoy this taste!

"I had the opportunity to go on the annual Gloucester garden tour again this July.  Gloucester is an old fishing village on the Atlantic ocean in Massachusetts.  There's a lot of history here, and a lot of old homes. One of the homes belonged to the Heinz 57 family. It was actually part of a compound of three homes back in the day. In any case, the weather was gorgeous up until we were caught in a rainstorm that soaked us to our skin. Then the sun came out and we enjoyed the rest of the day!"

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  1. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 08/25/2017

    Hi Lily, it would seem that your post did not get emailed but I hope Kim checks on it because it should not be missed. What a beautiful part of the country and one of the few that we haven't visited....yet. I love the rock garden in the last photo and can just imagine sitting there looking out at the water. Great photos. Thanks for closing out the week with a bang.

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      I am glad you enjoyed it Linda! If you are on Facebook, please feel free to find me and friend me there. I am under Lily Jacobi, and a water Lily is my cover photo at the moment. You may have to follow me, but I will friend you when I get the notification.

  2. tennisluv 08/25/2017

    Lily, thanks for sharing your tour of the Heinz 57 compound garden tour. All the sections you recorded are lovely, but I agree with Linda, I particularly like the last one. Since I live on a VERY hilly piece of property, I have added that picture in my design idea book. The combination of rocks, grasses, lilies, et al, is very appealing.

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      I loved it too! It was the last garden we saw, after the pouring rain, and it was stunning. A lot of work, time, and effort went into that design I am sure. If you are on Facebook, please feel free to find me as I posted above in Jessie's comments, and you will see more pictures as I take them and post them on a regular basis!

      1. tennisluv 08/26/2017

        Thanks, Lily. I will.

  3. User avater
    gringopeligroso 08/25/2017

    Wow, Lily!
    Your Artist's Eye behind the lense is practiced and good!! Love the captures and LOVE historical sites!
    Gotta run some kidds to the Vet for vaccinations. Will be back later!

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      Hi Jesse! So nice to see you posting here! I have been visiting gardens in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, and Kentucky. Are you on Facebook? You should look me up if you are because I post lots of pictures there on a regular basis! You can find me under Lily Jacobi and my current profile picture is a water lily photo taken at Longwood Gardens within the last few weeks. In fact I'm heading back to Longwood Gardens tomorrow to see the rest of it!

      1. User avater
        gringopeligroso 08/26/2017

        Ohhhhh MANNNNNNN!!!
        What a BOT tour you are on!! WHAT a trip!! (Both figuratively and expecially Literally!!) I am SOooooooo envious!!
        Lily, it's been a busy, busy season and time has been a constant adversary during these warm months. I've not been able to post/reply to much anywhere nor anybody. Factor in my stubbornness, ("You shall not pass!"--doing my best Gandalf impression towards the weeds...) and I've been and continue to yank and pull and dig like a mad man before the seeds drop..hopefully. This is one kind of job security I DON'T want. As well, I'm slamming in new acquisitions and treasures as quickly as I make room for the them. And, then it's time to mow........again...
        Others here (on this posting) have been blasted by the heat waves this summer, &/or unusually dry conditions, while we here in Eastern Oklahoma have been blessed with abnormally mild conditions. I think our High temps this weekend will be in the low 80's. We're usually in the upper 90's and triple digits this time of year. (It's NOT climate change, tho....wink, wink...) These tolerable temps come with a price, however, as the invasives ALSO thrive under these conditions. Oh, well, enough Gritchin'.
        While I don't do Facebook, TOO many security blindspots for this olde and paranoid hippie, there IS a page with my name on it there. It's compleately wife made me sign up to check HER I will head over to your pages and check out your views there as I love your style!! ! As well, perhaps I can travel along with you vicariously as you "Take the look off of everything!!"
        While I've not made it as far as New England, yet, I HAVE traipsed thru and about the Mid Atlantic area as well as the Ohio River Valley. BEEE-YOU-ty-fullll country there and knock down gorgeous gardens. Oh, and the folks who call those areas home are pretty special, too!!

        SO, I KNOW you're gonna enjoy your time, but If'n a butterfly just happens to land upon your shoulder while you're capturing those images, don't be alarmed (!); it's just me thinkin' about ya while you're on your sojourn!!

        1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

          When a butterfly lands on my shoulder I will know it was you!

          I can share a tip with you if it's helpful… Every spring I put down a load of fresh compost on top of my gardens. I have found that it really keeps the weeds to a minimum. It is a lot of work, but it seems to be worth it during the summer months. Just something to think about…

          1. User avater
            LindaonWhidbey 08/27/2017

            Lily, just make sure that you get that compost from a place that didn't use herbicides to feed whatever animal provided the manure. We learned the hard way by using a Kellogg product that killed off many of our plants. Oh, and I found you on FB but didn't see a place to friend you. I guess that I'm more familiar wit Instagram. I'm under Linda O'Connell if you can find me. My cover photo is the same as here. Would love to see more of your photos.

          2. Sunshine111 08/27/2017

            Hi Linda
            I've been doing the compost thing for many years and so far have not had any problems with it. I am particular about where I get my compost from. Thanks for the heads up though!
            I could not find you on Facebook anywhere. If you follow me or click the click the link to follow me I will get notified and then I will friend you from there. And then if others are friends with you on Facebook they can friend me that way also

        2. User avater
          LindaonWhidbey 08/27/2017

          Jesse, you are a peach and I also love verbena bonariensis:)

          1. User avater
            gringopeligroso 08/28/2017

            Ah LUV U!!!

            And, YES on the use of Verbena bonariensis!! It's a staple in my garden which is a short-lived perennial in my Zone, and is generous in it's reseeding!

            At this time of year, tho, it gets to looking shabby as they set seed. I use a co-player interplanted with them to finish out the season, and which is also proving to re-seed themselves! As well, they are also butterfly magnets!! Gomphrena 'Fireworks'.

            A similar growth habit and size as the early Verbena, but not perennial. They bloom until hard frost.
            And, while on the subject, I discovered another re-seeder in the elusive blue hue which also satisfies the Gossamer-Winged ones! Brazillian Bachelor Buttons:

            This tropical cousin to the wild flower many of us enjoy in late Spring LOVES the heat and doesn't even sprout until Summer. I Think Park Seeds MAY still sell the seeds. My steady supply started from a single 4" plant purchased from a box store. As I type, they are coming-on Strong and will shine until hard Frost!!

            I was going to go for a jog, but it got late in a hurry!! Spent the afternoon putting up Green Beans. Perhaps on the Morrow!!

  4. user-7008735 08/25/2017

    Beautiful photographs, Lori! I especially love that rose-covered garden gate and the simplicity of those red cardinals under the big tree, but they are all lovely. Aren't garden tours great? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      I love garden tours, they are one of my favorite things to do! I have spent the last week and a half touring the countryside visiting gardens in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky. It's been lovely for sure.

      1. user-7008735 08/26/2017

        Oops! I'm sorry I got your name wrong, Lily. I love home garden tours and visits to botanical gardens, too. My husband is willing to drive me all around Italy to visit gardens because he loves the food there, but he won't go to England. Happily, my sister went with me last summer on a tour of classic English gardens. Beautiful! But I still haven't been to Chanticleer or Longwood though I've heard talks on them at the Hardy Plant Study Weekends. I hope you'll get to visit more gardens before the summer ends.

        1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

          No problem about the name, it was wrong with it in the email that fine gardening sent out. Lucky me, I am at Longwood today, and I'm going to Chanta clear tomorrow! Hope you get to make the visit someday yourself.

          1. user-7008735 08/26/2017

            I know that your name was wrong in the original posting, but I felt that I should have got it right since I see your proper name almost every weekday. GPOD is a wonderful virtual garden tour!

  5. VikkiVA 08/25/2017

    Love garden tours and this is one I wish I had been on. How beautiful everything pictured was. Thanks for posting! Vikki in VA

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      I am glad you enjoyed it all Vikki!

  6. Cenepk10 08/25/2017

    So pretty

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      Thank you!

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/25/2017

    My, oh, my...what gorgeous grounds and views. Are the threesome of homes that made up the compound now individually owned? If so, seems like everyone is keeping up the high standards.

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      If my memory serves me correctly, yes! If you are on Facebook please feel free to find me as per my reply on some of the other comments.

      1. TweetersUnite1 08/30/2017

        I just retired, I'm going to have to travel more!!

        1. Sunshine111 08/30/2017

          I highly recommend it! Traveling more that is?...

  8. JoannaAtGinghamGardens 08/25/2017

    Wow, sensory overload - so gorgeous! Now thats a tour I'd love to go on.

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      We are lucky here in New England. This particular garden tour is put on by the generous gardeners of Gloucester. And every year they set up a garden tour in a different part of Gloucester. All the proceeds go to beautify town areas. So it's a win-win. I have been on some lovely lovely properties on this tour. Quite special, and not to be missed!

  9. maryannborcherding 08/25/2017

    Thanks for sharing this marvelous place through your pictures

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      I am glad you enjoyed it MaryAnn?

  10. User avater
    treasuresmom 08/25/2017

    Wow! Looked like you had a glorious day!

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      I did! I went with a friend, and we both got soaked, but the homeowner of one of the Heinz Estates let us wait out the downpour in his downstairs rec room. He was a lovely man and it was nice to get out of the rain.

  11. foxglove12 08/26/2017

    Wow so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  12. user-7007498 08/26/2017

    Hi, Lily. Got home really late today from work. I saw the photos on FB a while back. Looked like a great tour. I also love to go on garden tours and visit as many private gardens as possible. There is so much to learn from so many people.

    I will have to time one of my visits to see my parents in Gloucester during the tour next year.

    I saw you are visiting my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoy Longwood. Do stop at Chanticleer if you get the chance. If you are ever out in the Harrisburg area, feel free to look me up (I am also on FB). Have a great weekend.

    1. Sunshine111 08/26/2017

      Hi Kevin! I just drove through Pennsylvania yesterday! I'm sorry that I missed you. I am going to Chanticleer tomorrow, I am finishing up my visit at Longwood today. I hope to be back here tonight to see the light show and the luminaries at dusk! I will look for you on Facebook also. I just looked for you on Facebook, and I couldn't find you! If you are able to find me again, with my water lily profile picture, could you friend me or follow me? And I will friend you from there? Thanks so much!

      Also Kevin, if you have any free time tomorrow, and are interested in seeing Chanticleer again, I'd welcome your company!

      1. user-7007498 08/28/2017

        Hi, Lily. Hope you had a great time. I had 2 trees removed from my front driveway garden this week (one had died, and the other was stunted). This spelled opportunity. Since the garden went from shade to full sun, I decided on Saturday to create a pollinator/butterfly garden with almost all natives. I planted one tree (Nyssa sylvatica 'Tupelo Towers') and went from there. I did add 2 conifers to this garden (couldn't resist). Anyway, I created the design on Saturday, and went off plant hunting. I had to remove the shady plants, and regrade the area. Sunday was planting day (42 plants). Needless to say, I couldn't get away.

        Let me know next time you are in the area. I did friend request you on FB.

  13. Maggieat11 08/26/2017

    Thank you so much for sharing your visit with us! What wonderful gardens!! Such nice photos; wish I had been there too! Hmmm, I do especially like the simplicity of the cardinals... what a lovely accent for that garden! And oh! Those roses on the arbor with the stone wall... gorgeous!

  14. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/28/2017

    Lots of amazing scenes. What a great tour.
    The last photo with the boulders set into the hill is awesome!

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