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Highlights from a Virginia Garden

By Kim Charles

Front Yard this year, little neater.  

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Susan Zeeb benefits from a dose of ocean warmth.


"I live in Portsmouth, VA. and I am zone 8 at the southeastern corner of the state. Our weather is mostly influenced by the Ocean so we are warmer than the rest of the state."


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Perennial Butterfly Garden, behind my garage in back yard. 

Hosta Garden, South side of the house under Birch Trees. This is the coolest part of the yard and for some reason has a nice breeze always. Great place for a hosta garden in zone 8 anyway. My Hosta garden has a few coral bells and a small Japanese Maple, called 'Waterfall'. 

Front Yard at peak daylily season, last year. 

Bird Bath Garden, in front yard. Has daylilies and river rocks.

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  1. user-7007498 11/03/2016

    Susan, you sure love your daylillies. Wonderful combination of color. Thanks for sharing your garden photos.

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 11/03/2016

    Love your 2nd pic with all the different colors of coneflowers.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/03/2016

    Hi, Susan, it always puts a smile on my face to see the colorful blooms of daylilies. They seem to be thriving for you in your zone 8 growing zone. I joke around my own place that when it's peak bloom time, it looks like a circus has set up in my garden beds. Your lawn is so green and healthy looking ...such a nice backdrop for your flowers.

  4. sheila_schultz 11/03/2016

    Susan, your daylilies give a colorful welcome to all passing or flying by your front yard, they are just lovely... and your backyard must be abuzz with all of the pollinators stopping by for a sip of nectar! It must be a pleasure to be able to garden in zone 8.

  5. user-4691082 11/03/2016

    Susan, everything looks so healthy and well maintained. Could you send more photos of that Japanese maple? I couldn't see it well enough in the photo. Your photos make me long for summer all over again! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Chris_N 11/03/2016

    Hi Susan, daylilies, roses, coneflowers, hosta, some red hot poker hiding in the background, your garden has something for everyone. I find it interesting that the south side of you house is the coolest. Usually it is the other way around. It shows how strongly trees can affect their surroundings.

  7. greengenes 11/03/2016

    What a charming place! Everything looks so fresh and clean. We sure have quite a choice when it comes to daylilies and you have a nice selection! Your hostas look like they love it there and your butterfly garden is beautiful! Everyone is happy! Thanks Susan for sharing and have a nice season !

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 11/03/2016

    So cheery and tidy! I like your shade garden a lot.

  9. Doxnmomx2 11/03/2016

    Susan, such a beautiful yard! The butterfly garden is a treasure!

  10. wGardens 11/03/2016

    A nice array of coneflowers and daylilies. Do you have favorite varieties? Your Hosta bed looks very happy as well.

  11. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 11/03/2016

    Susan, thanks for bringing back summer this morning. I love daylilies but just don't have the patience to grow them so It's nice to see them in other's gardens. nice shade garden, too.

  12. schatzi 11/03/2016

    Beautiful flowers, lots of color.

  13. Meelianthus 11/03/2016

    What a lovely butterfly garden Susan. You have done a beautiful landscaping with all of your flowers and I'm sure the birds and bees love it too! Thanks for the peek.

  14. Cenepk10 11/03/2016

    Pretty garden, Susan !!!!!

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