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Guess the Roses, Win a Book!

Fine Gardening is delighted to to announce that our blogger Paul Zimmerman can now add another feather to his cap, as he’s just penned the new book Everyday Roses. This flower-filled book helps readers select roses for specific situations and then advises on long-term care so they flourish.

Fine Gardening loves to share, so we’re giving away 5 copies of Everyday Roses. We thought it would be fun to make a challenge of this. Gardeners are always up for a challenge, right?

Between here and the end of this blog post, you will find photographs of 5 different kinds of roses. Take a studious look at each, try to identify it, and send your 5 guesses to [email protected] with a subject line reading ‘Rose Challenge’. You don’t need to get the Latin right — common cultivar names will suffice. Those who correctly identify all five flowers will be entered into a drawing, and winners will be randomly selected. Send in your guesses by Saturday, March 16, 2013!

Good luck! By the way, Paul assures us that these each of these roses is, “distinctive enough to give people a shot at it”.

Rose #1


Rose #2


Rose #3


Rose #4



Rose #5


Send those gueses to [email protected], subject line ‘Rose Challenge’!

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  1. mozzywa 02/25/2013

    these are beautiful

  2. cwheat000 03/23/2013

    Please announce the rose varieties and the winner. I am dying to know.

  3. user-7006916 03/25/2013

    Sorry cwheat. The contest closing was announced in another blog post. Go to:

    We've emailed the winners about their prizes. Thanks for participating!

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