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The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control: Online Supplements

The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control, by William Olkowski, Sheila Daar, Helga Olkowski, and Steven Ash, is back in an updated and refreshed edition (on sale here). The authors had a great deal more information than could be fit into the printed book, so they took the extras online, here on this page. Click around for great informative videos, pest-related blog posts by Steven Ash, and references to the print edition.


Compost with Bill Olkowski
Shigo Pruning Technique
  The Helpful Green Lacewing
   Control Spider Mites with Beneficial Mites
   Dealing with Thrips Damage

Steve’s Blog Posts

Introduction to IPM and the Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control
  Decisions, Decisions
  Rusty Hawthorne
  Stay tuned for more posts!

Helpful Links


Bio Integral Resource Center (BIRC) is a nonprofit organization offering over 25 years of insight, experience, and leadership in the development and communication of least-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally sound Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. BIRC’s technical staff constantly reviews the scientific literature for new ideas and approaches for publication in their journals the IPM Practitioner and Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly. They produce pamphlets, articles for the general public, technical manuals, and a resource directory.

Rincon Vitova Insectaries – Biological Solutions For Pest Management Since 1950. RVI produces and distributes insects and other organisms, supplies and tools for biological control of pests. They are pioneers in the use of natural enemies in ecologically based pest management.


Bay Friendly Landscape and Gardening provides a holistic approach to gardening and landscaping. Bay-Friendly practices foster soil health, conserve water and other valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution.


Pestec provides pest control services using integrated pest management throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Their mission is to discover, develop, and deliver the best services that mutually benefit you, your community, and our planet.


San Francisco Department of the Environment Pest Management Find safer, more effective ways to manage pests with advice from San Francisco’s award-winning Integrated Pest Management Program.


The Appendix

Further readings and references to supplement The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control.

Buy the book

If you’ve found this mini-site but haven’t yet read The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control, get your copy here. You’ll garden smarter forevermore. 
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