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Green Roof Plants Get Put to the Test

Which plants work best on green roofs? Who better to test than The Chicago Botanic Garden. Not only does Chicago sport a huge number of green roofs, but also the CBG is one of the best plant testing facilities in the country. Watch this video to hear how/what will be tested.

Although I am fascinated by green roofs, I don’t have one. Nor do I plan on putting one in. I like to dream about it though, so if you have a green roof, send us a picture so we can be envious of you.

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  1. ShirleyBovshow 09/04/2009

    I love green roofs too, but with the drought in Los Angeles, having one here would be anything but "green."

    I'd have to water my roof to maintain the plants. If there were less severe watering restrictions here, I would plant my roof as a tool for insulating my home and beautifying it.

    Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker"

  2. birdwhisperer 09/07/2009

    We have had so much rain in south western ontario that a roof garden would rot the roof off I am sure. But for those of you who can I am sure they are very interesting,what plants do you use?

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