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GPOD on the Road: The Topiary Garden at the Pendray Inn

A Victorian-style garden in Canada

topiary deer

Friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong is taking us on the road again today, with a nod to the Victorian era and formal gardens. She’s sharing some scenes from the Topiary Garden at the Pendray Inn and Teahouse in Victoria, British Columbia.

view of the Penray Inn and TeahouseThe Pendray Inn and Teahouse was once a private home.

A topiary orca leaps out of the garden bedA topiary orca leaps out of the garden bed.

topiary, made from carefully trimmed CotoneasterAnother topiary is made from carefully trimmed Cotoneaster (Zones 5–7), which, unlike most topiary plants, provides the added detail of beautiful red berries.

A bridge over the water feature, through the colors of fall foliageA bridge spans the water feature, surrounded by the colors of fall foliage.

sundialThere was no sun to show on this sundial what time it was.

topiary eagle, with a topiary fish in its beakI think this is a topiary eagle, with a topiary fish in its beak.

abstract designI’m not sure what this one was supposed to be—perhaps an abstract design.

The next three photos are from a new addition called the Bonnie Henry Commemorative Garden, a place of hope, kindness, and unity. Established in 2020, these garden plots are provided for local community members through the James Bay Neighborhood Association and the Huntingdon Manor Hotel. (Huntingdon Manor and Pendray operate collectively; the manor is right behind Pendray.)

An impressive array of foliageThis impressive array of foliage includes a banana (Musa basjoo, Zones 6–10) in the background, the silvery spears of cardoon (Cynara cardunculus, Zones 7–9 or as an annual), and the yellow blooms of Mahonia (Zones 7–10) beginning to open.

mahonia bloomsCloser view of the mahonia blooms

A sweet little container of hens and chicksA sweet little container of hens and chicks (Sempervivum, Zones 4–9)

Of course, Afternoon Tea at Pendray is highly recommended!

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  1. sagebird52 02/18/2022

    interesting and different.

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 02/18/2022

    Love the topiary. Wonder what the plant is with the red berries? Some type of holly maybe?

  3. user-7663107 02/18/2022

    People should stop tossing around the word ‘collectively.’ Marxism has a history of persecution and genocide that has been responsible for the murder of hundreds of millions and the persecution and impoverishment of billions.

  4. User avater
    simplesue 02/18/2022

    As always- a pleasure to see garden photos from Cherry Ong!
    I love that sundial- at least I can have it on my Pinterest! LOL!

  5. maryannborcherding 02/18/2022

    Love looking at all the Canadian gardens, since I live in Vancouver WA USA. My guess on the unidentified creature would be a seal pup or otter. Thanks for sharing all of these wonder gardens

  6. btucker9675 02/18/2022

    What a gorgeous place - even on a cloudy day!

  7. [email protected] 02/18/2022

    Thanks for another place to add to my list for a future, hoped-for, visit back to Vancouver Island , Cherry. And I appreciate all the comments to do with your photos, but will visit other sites when I want to read some cranky-pants opinion on gardeners' vocabulary! Let's save this forum for it's intended purpose!

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