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GPOD on the Road: Sicily

Dreaming of the sunny Mediterranean


Greetings, GPOD. I am Jan Le Clair from Kingston, Ontario. My garden has been featured before. Today I am submitting on-the-road pics. I have now traveled twice to Sicily for long stays. Today, I thought a few general pics from the eastern side of the island would be something readers might enjoy these winter weeks. Oh, to travel once again!

Paternò Marquis in Castello di San Giuliano

Paternò Marquis in Castello di San Giuliano

Paternò Marquis in Castello di San GiulianoThis first grouping is from the estate of the Paternò Marquis in Castello di San Giuliano, between Catania and Siracusa (Syracuse). The marquis and his late wife Fiamma Ferragamo (best known as principal designer of the Ferragamo shoe label) spent several decades renewing the gardens. What a treasure.

Balcony gardens here, in TaorminaThis second grouping was taken on a day trip to Taormina, where ‘i famosi’ gather every year for the film fest. Balcony gardens here were fun as well as beautiful. The famous aristocratic head planters are seen all over the island.

spilling bougainvilleaI was so caught up in the beauty of the spilling bougainvillea in this picture that I didn’t see the little white puppy poking his head into the picture until we were back at our lodgings later in the day.

gorgeous water feature tucked into a quiet alcove.A gorgeous water feature is tucked into a quiet alcove.

beautiful walkway looking out on the water ‘aquarian’ sculpture seating areaThis final grouping was taken on one of my daily walks around Ortigia, on la lunga tangenziale, or the ring road and walkway surrounding Ortigia. The “aquarian” sculpture as I called it, greets you just before you head into a beautiful public garden area with benches. One can only imagine stopping here on a blisteringly hot summer day to pause in the shade, catch an ocean breeze, and also to sample some gelato, granita, or—if you are adventurous—the cold salted lemon drinks available from local kiosks.

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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 02/04/2022

    Thank you for sharing. I love seeing pics of gardens in other countries.

  2. User avater
    user-7007816 02/04/2022

    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, this may be the closest I ever get to Sicily.

    1. cynthia2020 02/04/2022

      Re: the closest I ever get to Sicily

      I've had those thoughts about Italy, lately...

      Jan - thanks for the warm, inviting views!

  3. User avater
    simplesue 02/04/2022

    Oh such a beautiful place! I just loved your photos and saved a couple of them to Pinterest for inspiration! Love that you didn't notice the cute dog in the photo with the bougainvillea until later!
    Nice garden tour, thanks for sharing!

  4. User avater
    simplesue 02/04/2022

    PS...I'm still looking for a fabulous garden bench like yours pictured with irises in the post of your personal garden! So beautiful!

  5. busybee4 02/04/2022

    So beautiful! Love Italy but never been to Sicily. Hope to go there someday soon! Thank you for these wonderful pics!

  6. btucker9675 02/04/2022

    Italy is so beautiful - thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  7. foxglove12 02/04/2022

    How beautiful and what a treat! Thanks for sharing and pointing out the little puppy. I didn’t see him either. 😁

  8. user-5117752 02/05/2022

    What a treat!!! It's a fantasy world for me made more close up and personal by your photos. To actually wander those streets, to hear the language spoken, to sit in the park enjoying a gelato or a cold, salted lemon drink and not be in a movie theater having it pass in a glance - how wondrous! And, I loved your own garden posting. Having musical gatherings, well, what a treat. Wish you were my neighbor!!!

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