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Gazing ball nirvana

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Photo/Illustration: Brandi Spade

I’ve featured gazing balls in the past, always trying to find new ways to use this sometimes-called-cliche garden ornament in inventive, fantastic ways. This one falls into that category. Darcy Daniels in Portland, Oregon, paired this silver gazing ball with a vignette of burgundy and galvanized containers planted with silver-gray plants The ball adds a bit of shiny to the scene, and the color theme is cool and sophisticated, proving once again that if you take a gazing ball off its stand, it’s a whole different thing.

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  1. Lisianne 12/12/2011

    I love the replication of colors (or lack thereof) in the dichondra and the gazing balls. Good mixture of textures also. Looks like a sepia photo, in a way. Nice!

  2. pattyspencer 12/12/2011

    I have an alumium gazing ball in my side yard. I have no creativity with it - it just sits in the shade and no one sees it on that side of the house (unless I'm weeding). I'd put it in the front but I'm afraid someone would take it. I like the idea of it on the step - maybe I'll move mine to the back yard and put it somewhere around my deck.

  3. sheilaschultz 12/12/2011

    I really like it when unexpected combinations come together in such a pleasant way. Darcy's grouping just makes you want to touch the different elements.

  4. tactywmef 06/26/2013

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