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Garden in Winter 3rd runner-up! Fairy in the Snow

Today’s photo, our 3th runner-up in the Garden in Winter photo contest, is from member Wife_Mother_Gardener, who says, “When the first snows fall, I grab my camera and capture the first “snow flowers” of the season.  This was taken in our front yard near our hill garden.  Rosa ‘The Fairy’ astounds us with blooms in our Pennsylvania garden well into November.” So sweet! Wife_Mother_Gardener has a blog! Check it out here, and stay tuned for the 2nd runner-up in tomorrow’s post!

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Even while a garden is sleeping, it has joy to share, even though you might have to look a little harder to find it. Back in December, we asked our website visitors to show us the best of their winter gardens in our Garden in Winter photo contest. Since then we’ve received dozens of gorgeous photos. This week we’re featuring the best of the best, leading up to the overall winning photo on Friday. We know you’re winter-weary. Travel along with us this week while we remind ourselves that winter can be a beautiful time in our gardens.

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  1. user-7006896 02/15/2011

    Dear Wife_Mother-Gardener, you have given me the the best reason ever to plant Rosa "The Fairy" in my Kentucky garden. Thanks for the beauty.

  2. TheJorgies 02/15/2011

    Congratulations! It is a very beautiful image, I suspect there may be quite a demand for this little rose come spring.

  3. sheilaschultz 02/15/2011

    Fairy roses are the best... they just keep blooming and blooming! Lovely photo.

  4. robiinjakson 02/25/2011

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