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Garden in Winter 1st runner-up! Dreaming of Summer

Today’s photo, our 1st runner-up in the Garden in Winter photo contest, is from member gottagarden, who says, “Although the garden is buried under at least a foot of snow all winter long, I still look out the windows to enjoy the garden beauty.  Jack Frost does some of his best masterpieces in the coldest months; look how he painted every little branch with a tracing of snow.” So serene. Stay tuned for the winner in tomorrow’s post!

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Even while a garden is sleeping, it has joy to share, even though you might have to look a little harder to find it. Back in December, we asked our website visitors to show us the best of their winter gardens in our Garden in Winter photo contest. Since then we’ve received dozens of gorgeous photos. This week we’re featuring the best of the best, leading up to the overall winning photo on Friday. We know you’re winter-weary. Travel along with us this week while we remind ourselves that winter can be a beautiful time in our gardens.

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  1. jewjew 02/17/2011

    Each Morning, I wait for some Beautiful to see.. .What Beauty has Fine Garden posted today ? All I can say, " Your taste is different from mine." Who get the Final vote to rate & post such Beauty ? I'd like to fire them!!!

  2. user-7006895 02/17/2011

    I think this photo is peaceful and serene and very much exemplifies the garden is winter. The beauty of the soft snow, contrasting snow covered trees and gray sky - it's lovely. And it certainly makes me yearn of the warmth of summer where I could sit in one of those chairs with a cold beverage enjoying nature's beauty.

  3. jewjew 02/17/2011


  4. jewjew 02/17/2011

    Go Rest in the Peaceful-Serene Setting all day & Night ...Enjoy!!!

  5. Happily_Gardening 02/17/2011

    Well spoken SunnyDispo! Gottagarden you have a great really captured the essence!! I'm at peace gazing at your spectacular shot.

  6. sheilaschultz 02/17/2011

    Maybe since the snow won't melt for a while... looking at those chairs makes me think that if I bundled up nice and cozy with an Irish Coffee in hand, I would be equally as relaxed! Lovely photo Gottagarden.

  7. user-7006895 02/17/2011

    Sheila -- I'll join you for that Irish coffee! Going to put my fuzzy boots on now...

  8. gottagarden 02/18/2011

    In winter I actually have time to sit in the chairs, no chores to do. Now where's that Irish coffee!

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