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Turning a long chore into a beautiful garden

Today’s photos come from Belinda.

Here are some photos for your daily newsletter. I live in Ottawa, Canada, and bought my house three years ago. When I moved in, it didn’t have any gardens; it was all just grass. It took me one and a half hours to mow, so I slowly started removing the grass and adding gardens. This year it really has started to grow and fill in. It was a lot of manual work that I did by myself. Now I love relaxing in my hammock and reading. My cats even have their own outdoor “catio” space.

'catio' patioThe catio gives the cats somewhere to enjoy the outside while keeping them safe.

Another view of the catio

hammock in the gardenThis is the best idea for a garden I’ve seen in a long time—a nice hammock to lie back in and enjoy the fruits of all your hard labors.

Gravel mulchGravel mulch makes a clear, sharp background to show off plants.

Raised beds define a more formally designed part of the garden.

A cute little moose lives in the garden. Luckily this kind doesn’t eat the plants.

garden decorThat’s a pretty good list of rules to live by, in the garden or not.

The gardens are starting to fill in. There’s a lot less grass to mow, for sure!

Bright perennials are filling the gardens with flowers, and it will only get richer and fuller as time goes on.


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  1. sandyprowse 11/14/2019

    Greetings fellow Canadian. I’m glad you included the moose in your photos. I loved your garden, you have done a great job. It is a challenge living in Ottawa where it is so very cold. The Catio is amazing. Loved the photos of the wee cats. Well Done!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/14/2019

    Lots of fun things going on in your garden, Belinda and I suspect that when you are "relaxing" in your hammock, you are probably letting your mind drift in exploring more gardeny ideas. You've accomplished a lot in the past 3 years and I know how gratifying it is to see plants come back each spring bigger and better than ever.

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 11/14/2019

    First, I have to say that the “catio” space is wonderful. A truly great way to keep your cats safe & birds as well. As for all you have done, you are really doing a good job. You have one of my very fave plants - coneflowers.

  4. User avater
    simplesue 11/14/2019

    Such. a happy scene you've created! Added such nice graceful curves and less grass to mow! And happy cats make a happy garden! Pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  5. btucker9675 11/14/2019

    What a charming garden you've created - full of whimsy and happiness! Love the bright garden shed and the moose, and the catio - makes the cats happy and keeps the songbirds safe!

  6. cheryl_c 11/14/2019

    What a back-breaking job you have done, with excellent results. Good for providing plenty of space for your perennials to spread into, as they will in short order. I love the little houses you have placed on poles or on the ground. Your monarda looks so compact and floriferous! Great job.

  7. Cenepk10 11/15/2019

    Precious gardens !!!! Love all your hard work and great designs ! I pretty much moved into a pasture 7 years ago. Quickly learned to used cardboard & wood chips to make new beds. Works like a charm. Again - Beautiful garden you’ve made.

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