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Fall displays at Butchart Gardens

Today’s photos are from Darlene White, who says, “These pretty features were shot on Sunday at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. They’re a cool way to decorate for Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 13) or for fall, anytime, anywhere.”

Every single photo you guys send in of Butchart is SPECTACULAR! I really need to get there SOON. Thanks, Darlene!

Hey folks–help me keep kicking out posts all winter long–send me photos of your gardens NOW! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! –Michelle

A few years ago I interviewed the gardener who is responsible for the awesome begonia and fuchsia bower as well as the tuberous begonias you see in other areas of the garden.  He explained how he starts the tuberous begonias from SEEDS in Dec-January (nasty dusty seeds- mix with corn starch so they don’t blow away or land in one clump).  By June he has flowering plants.  Went home, tried it, and by June, I, too, had 200 tuberous begonias flowering in my home greenhouse!
This is only about half of their awesome dahlia border, one of fall’s hard-working reliable show-offs.

I loved the centre twist in this gorgeous 10″ ornamental dahlia.
Meet Iochroma cyaneum, aka violet churcha…Can you believe this 10′ shrub is a member of Solanacea, the same family as spuds and tomatoes?

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/08/2014

    Nothing puts a smile on my face like those two magical words "Butchart Gardens"...I know I'm about to see garden sights that are wondrously beautiful. These did not disappoint, Darlene...your choice of subject matter and the quality of your photos are outstanding!
    The pictured flower panicle on that violet churcha is amazing looking...soon as I'm done typing, I'm off to do some google reading on it. Thanks for including the latin name. You sound like a very knowledgeable gardener yourself, Darlene, what with tackling doing those tuberous begonias by seed and being successful.

  2. perenniallycrazy 10/08/2014

    Thanks for sharing Butchart with us Darlene! I am so tempted to visit... So close and yet so far. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

  3. Cenepk10 10/08/2014

    What Perennilly Crazy said... Stunning.

  4. greengenes 10/08/2014

    Thanks for sending these in! Some day I will go there! Gorgeous flowers, especially the purple churcha, this is a gotta have flower!

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/08/2014

    I really enjoy seeing the fruits of labor-intensive gardening: beautiful! I don't think I'll be starting begonias from seed any time soon! :)

  6. NCYarden 10/08/2014

    I so long to visit Butchart Gardens. I have the books, and a coworker went last year and shared her photos, all which only make me want to go even more. Until I get that opportunity, I will just savor each peek I get from other sources. So thank you, Darlene, for sharing more of these phenomenal gardens. That dahlia is making my head spin just like its center. Just such a beautiful place.

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/08/2014

      When you do get to go plan a long day,it's so great you won't want to miss anything. We ate at a restaurant that had a veranda overlooking the gardens. We had a long wait to sit on the veranda but it was so worth it. Good food amazing service and the most perfect view.

      1. NCYarden 10/08/2014

        Thanks for the tip. I hope I get there sooner than later. I will definitely set aside at least a day.

  7. GrannyMay 10/08/2014

    Thanks for the great photos Darlene. The Dahlia border is always fantastic, as are all the others. Warning - once you come here to southern Vancouver Island, you won't want to leave!

  8. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/08/2014

    The Butchart Gardens are a day long visit at least,I could have gone back a second day to explore every little square inch a second time. If you you don't have this garden on your must see list this one and the Kew should most definetly be on it. Darlene your photos are so beautiful thank you for showing me the fall look at Butchart

  9. schatzi 10/08/2014

    Butchart Gardens is a plant nerd's Heaven, but fair warning, you should visit in at least 3 seasons! It changes and it's always spectacular. Tuberous begonias from seed to flowering in 6 months?! I am going to have to try this! I love tuberous begonias. Thanks for the fall tour. I have always been there in spring or summer. The dahlias are gorgeous, but it's the begonia bower that always blows me away. The first bicolored tuberous begonias I ever saw were at BG and I was in near terminal plant envy! If you go, be aware that there are other sites worth seeing nearby, such as the butterfly garden. It is small, but the "flutterbys" are beautiful. A group of friends gave us a trip to Victoria on the Victoria Clipper from Seattle 2 years ago for our 50th anniversary. Beautiful city, great trip, wonderful friends.
    We don't get up there often enough, and it is so close. For those of you who live in the PNW, make it a priority - you won't be sorry.

  10. Meelianthus 10/08/2014

    Your flowering pictures are beautiful Darlene. We go to Butchart every year and it is ALWAYS breathtakingly beautiful. We have visited during every season and each one has it's own beauty. It is wonderful even in winter as everything is so neat and tidy and pristine that it just takes you by surprise. We even went one year when the ground was covered with many inches of snow and at nite all of the little twinkly lights were shining thru and it was magical - but VERY cold ! You really need an entire afternoon to see everything as there is really SO much to take in and well worth every step. Anyone that has it on their 'wish' list' should really make it a priority if possible. Whatever season - it won't disappoint.

  11. GrannyCC 10/08/2014

    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. I always buy a Season's Pass as I live 20 minutes away. I must go soon haven't been since August.

  12. lowellshank 10/09/2014

    Thank you for taking me there back in August. Wish I could go again.

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