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Even in rough shape, old beats new

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Someone must really love this huge urn at the Cross Estate Gardens in Bernardsville, New Jersey. It looks good from afar, right? But up close it looks like this gorgeous vessel has had a rough life. Luckily, years ago, someone painstakingly pieced it back together with wire and mortar. They did an amazing job, eh? Unfortunately, on the other side (4th photo), it looks like there’s not much left to work with if anything happens from here on out. Nearby there’s what looks to be a reproduction of the original pot (last photo). Great at first glance, but up close? Not as much soul. Give me the beat up, repaired version any day!

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. Deanneart 07/19/2011

    I'd take that beat up old urn for my garden
    in a heartbeat!

  2. littleloiee 07/19/2011

    I am in desperate need to know what to do with my Star Magnolia tree. My painter pruned half of it severely and removed most of the branches that are on the side nearest the house. Then he painted the stumpy whats left of the branches with black tar paint. It looks presentable when one looks from the front of my house but when I look out of the windows half the tree is gone. Please help!littleloiee

  3. littleloiee 07/19/2011

    My comments about the urn. I am a Luddite and proud of it. While people are modernizing I have kept my 1928 house intact or should I say mostly. My two family house is exactly as built in 1928 with the old porcelain subway tiles,patterned floors and Mickey Mouse porcelain faucets. The windows are original and get puttied and no vinyl for me. I love the white cedar shingles. No vinyl for me, thank you. New plastic windows not for me. Everything old that has a history fascinates me. Santa Rosa pots over plastic, old gardening tools that work perfectly bought from the now defunct Smith & Hawken,a dancing woman sculpture that my daughter gave me 20 years ago. Gardens are works in progress and so seldom does one done by a firm have the same charm as one's own choices. littleloiee

  4. orequilter 07/19/2011

    The color is lovely and it looks just right! We all need to use what we love.

  5. petuniababi 07/19/2011

    For me, old is always better.This is so beautiful!!

  6. MiMi_ 07/20/2011

    I love it.

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