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Episode 49: Visit to Quackin’ Grass Nursery

We took a field trip to one of New England’s premier nurseries and found plenty of goodies

Quackin’ Grass Nursery in Brooklyn, Connecticut has some of the most unique plants imaginable. Their selection of perennials, trees, and shrubs is pretty much unrivaled in the New England area. Knowing all this, Steve and Danielle definitely had to visit. So, one day a few weeks ago the dynamic duo hopped in the car and made the trek into the Northeast corner of the state. There they met Quackin’ Grass owner, Wayne Paquette and got a personal tour around the nursery/private arboretum. If you can’t get to Connecticut, don’t fret—Quackin’ Grass offers mail order. And, after listening to us describe a few of the gems we stumbled upon in the greenhouses and fields of this place, you’ll be glad they do!




‘Gold Star’ kousa dogwood



‘Gold Star’ kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa ‘Gold Star’, Zones 5-8)

  • Originally thought to be:  Cornus kousa ‘Summer Stars’

‘Tamagawa Ryu’ sacred lily (Rohdea japonica ‘Tamagawa Ryu’, Zones 6-9)

‘Kinshu no Matsu’ scared lily (Rohdea japonica ‘Kinshu no Matsu’, Zones 6-9)

Variegated giant squill (Drimiopsis maculata ‘Variegata’, Zones 7-10)

‘Rhode Island Red’ pineapple lily (Eucomis ‘Rhode Island Red’, Zones 7-9)

Sapphire berry (Symplocos paniculata, Zones 4-8)

First Snow® Japanese clethra  (Clethra barbinervis ‘Takeda Nishiki’, Zones 5-8)

‘Onondaga’ Sargent viburnum (Viburnum sargentii  ‘Onondaga’, Zones 3-7)

‘Ezo Murasaki’ Asian aster (Aster ageratoides ‘Ezo Murasaki’, Zones 4-8)

‘Compressa’ bloodtwig dogwood  (Cornus sanguinea ‘Compressa’, Zones 4-7)



‘Flying Dragon’ hardy orange (Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’, Zones 5-9)

‘Carlisle’ Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum odoratum ‘Carlisle’, 3-8)

Dwarf Solomon’s seal  (Polygonatum humile, Zones 4-8)

‘Redfield Hybrid’ primrose (Primula ‘Redfield Hybrid’, Zones 5-9)

Graves’ plum  (Prunus maritima var. gravesii, Zones 4-8)

‘Campbell Carpet’ mountain mint (Pycnanthemum tenuifolium ‘Campbell Carpet’, Zones 6-8)

Wing leaved potentilla (Potentilla tridentata ‘Nuuk’, Zones 3-8)



‘Redfield Hybrid’ primrose

‘Compressa’ bloodtwig dogwood 

‘Ezo Murasaki’ Asian aster

First Snow® Japanese clethra 

Sapphire berry

Steve and Danielle getting a closer look at the HUGE sapphire berry

‘Rhode Island Red’ pineapple lily

Variegated giant squill

‘Kinshu no Matsu’ scared lily

‘Tamagawa Ryu’ sacred lily

‘Onondaga’ Sargent viburnum

Steve and Quackin’ Grass owner Wayne Paquette

‘Campbell Carpet’ mountain mint

Wing leaved potentilla




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