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English Eclectic in MA

By: Kim Charles

Garden in summer.

Cindi Jacobs shows us her latest seasonal garden projects and enhancements.

"Here in Wayland, MA I have just under 1 acre and 3/4 of it is landscaped with many beds in a style I call "English Eclectic".  The black fence surrounds 3/4 of our pool and the picture is of spring and then summer, although I have been taking out the irises this summer as they have taken over. I have given away over 60 1 gallon pots and I'm not done…like most gardeners, I change my mind and move things…Probably my favorite items are the curved paths and fire pit seating area I built (hence it isn't perfectly flat) years ago.  Every season brings new projects….hope you are all enjoying your summer!"

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Garden in spring. 

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  1. frankgreenhalgh 08/07/2017

    Hi Cindi - You have a really lovely property; beautiful garden and impressive house. Nice work on the paths and fire-pit area. Cheers from Oz

  2. mjensen 08/07/2017


  3. bsavage 08/07/2017

    I LOVE your yard and gardens!

  4. NCYarden 08/07/2017

    Very pleasant garden, Cindi. I too really like your fire pit patio...the approach must be so welcoming. I also like how your plantings soften the pool edges. Thanks for sharing.

  5. User avater
    treasuresmom 08/07/2017

    Everything is beautiful and no weeds that I can see. Wish I could keep mine looking that good!

  6. tennisluv 08/07/2017

    Cindi, your English eclectic garden is very pretty. I love all the mixture of plants and colors you have used as well as the mature trees lightly shading your landscape. You have a beautiful place in which to live and garden. Thanks for sharing.

  7. janet_sydoruk 08/07/2017

    Your garden is a delight to see. I love all you have done. Your house is a perfect backdrop to's beautiful. It's a lot of work I know but so gratifying. Love your pictures.

  8. user-5070802 08/07/2017

    What a beautiful home. I love your hydrangeas and your edging is amazing. Great job on everything

  9. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/07/2017

    Looks like you love flowers and flowers love you, Cindi..."English Eclectic" is the perfect name for your swaths of colorful blooms. Do you have any specific plants in mind to fill in where you've taken out the blue iris? And, have you left some of each clump or removed them totally? I'm a big fan of some of the switch grasses because they give great summer/fall color and add winter interest. Your fire pit area really is a delight and has such magical nighttime ambiance thanks to the lighting you put in place.
    And, wow, just gotta' say...your impeccable edging is so impressive!

  10. chelleisdiggin 08/07/2017

    It's lovely, Cindi. Who wouldn't want to come and sit a while in your garden? Thanks for sharing..

  11. VikkiVA 08/07/2017

    You have created a paradise. Beautiful hydrangea, hosta, iris, peony, poppies...etc. Love the English style beds around your pool. The hosta blooming in front of your lovely stacked wall is stunning. You have done a magnificent job. Vikki in VA

  12. grannieannie1 08/07/2017

    Beautifully done! Wonderful curved beds and plenty of color everywhere! Just to my taste!

  13. Sunshine111 08/07/2017

    Very pretty and a lot better of work I am sure!

  14. user-4691082 08/07/2017

    Good morning, Cindi. You have created a beautiful oasis at your home. I know what you mean about things taking over. Remember when Stella D'Oro daylilies were new? I had to have them, and as I divided them over the years, I began to hate them! Yes, those irises are gorgeous in bloom, but what does the foliage look like when they are finished? The daylilies look ratty! I love your New England home. Those hydrangeas in the front are perfect. I also love the stone wall in the last photo. What does the sign on the tree say? Great post!

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 08/07/2017

      So funny to read about how your lack of enthusiasm and love for the Stella d'Oro came to take over. I know the feeling. I still have way too many clumps of them taking up valuable plant bed real estate but maybe your declaration of loathing will finally motivate me to dig up them and cast them of this fall. There are so many other plants I would prefer.

      1. user-4691082 08/08/2017

        It's so funny, Michaele, you and I are so much alike! I actually paid a kid to dig them up. They are cumbersome and heavy, and not super easy to divide. I have 3 left which are coming out in the fall. My whole front needs a makeover, and there are soooo many plants to choose from! What's a girl to do?

        1. User avater
          meander_michaele 08/08/2017

          I always feel a stab of guilt in flat out throwing away a perhaps desirable to someone else plant...however, I used up all my neighbors' good will in accepting them graciously. I should think of them as desirable compost material and, then after they decompose, they can make a contribution to my garden in a different wonderful black gold soil.

    2. User avater
      cindijacobs 01/13/2022

      the sign says Cole's tree. My son did it and my daughter had a smaller one with her name, Lindsay. I miss those days...

  15. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/07/2017

    Yep, exuberant, colorful and well-kept: just what I'd expect! That is a great stone retaining wall around the tree and your firepit patio is so inviting and cool. What are the greyish pavers making the modified herringbone pattern? They almost look like wood. Grey brick?

    1. User avater
      cindijacobs 01/13/2022

      I never saw any of these comments and I'm about to enter another GOPD. The pavers are teak wood on the floor they come 4 in a square and hook together with rubber hooks, Christmas Tree shops usually has them every year. 10 squares approx $30.

  16. sheila_schultz 08/07/2017

    Your firepit area is quite the magical spot in the evenings with the soft glow from the lights and the pop of color from your chairs! I bet the worries of the world have been eliminated on many a summers night! Your gardens are charming Cindi, and quite fitting for your beautiful home that must be filled with beautiful summer bouquets!

  17. LaurelEm 08/07/2017

    Beautiful, peaceful looking garden. I love your fire disk area. Those red chairs really pop the color. great brick and stone work that gives good bones to the garden. Great Job. Thank you for sharing.

  18. greengenes 08/07/2017

    Good morning Cindi! What a beautiful place you have created! It is a place of enjoyment from wandering down paths to swimming and evening parties. Love it all! How fun to create and try new plants. A garden is never done. There is always something new to create and try. Thats what i enjoy about gardening. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  19. Cenepk10 08/07/2017

    Fire pit is fun. Whole property is beautiful. Love the fence.

  20. Cenepk10 08/07/2017

    Borders by the pool photo is really fabulous

  21. digginWA 08/07/2017

    What an inviting setting, and so beautifully maintained! The evening shot with the party lights says "Come on out and sit for a bit." I envy you the space you have to create flowing beds. Don't you find the removals satisfying? I like making room for new things. Thanks for sharing.

  22. JoannaAtGinghamGardens 08/07/2017

    So beautiful! Thank you for the tour.

  23. user-6536305 08/07/2017

    Stunning landscape and sharp edges. Thanks for sharing.

  24. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 08/07/2017

    Hi Cindi. What a beautiful job you've done creating your outdoor rooms for entertaining and garden viewing. Your color schemes are warm and inviting, as well. I especially love the path to your front door and your fire pit area. Thanks for sharing.

  25. hostamom 08/07/2017

    I really like your third from last picture, especially how the white leaf outline shows up so prominently on the two hostas! Never saw that before. Special lighting?
    The rest of your beds are beautiful, also.

  26. user-7008735 08/07/2017

    A lovely flower-full garden, Cindi! I love the colour of those blue irises, so I hope you've kept some. Everything looks so neat and tidy!

  27. user-7007498 08/08/2017

    Good evening, Cindi. Just got a chance to see your post. I love the perennials lining the black fence. Awesome. The fire pit area looks so inviting, especially the photo in the evening. Hope you get a chance to enjoy it. I like the walkway up to your front door with the hydrangeas. Very pleasing. Thanks for inviting us into your garden.

  28. User avater
    cindijacobs 01/13/2022

    Thank you all, I had not ever seen these comments and was just looking to do a new GOPD and was able to go into my account and read all your comments. Much appreciated.

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