Edging a Garden Bed

Here are four tools you can use to keep your beds and borders looking neat

Nothing sets off your garden beds like a nice, crisp edge. Here are four common tools for edging a garden bed. 

Edging a bed with a spade is pretty simple. Just line it up where you want your edge and step down onto it to dig out the sod you want to remove.
Pros: You probably already have a spade in your tool collection. You won’t need any extra tools. Spades don’t require electricity or gas.
Cons: Edging with a spade can be slow-going and labor-intensive. Spades usually have a curved edge, which can make it hard to achieve a straight edge you’re looking for.

Half-moon edger
The half-moon edger was created for making crisp edges and is used much like a spade is.
Pros: It has a straight-edge, which makes for a cleaner edge than a spade. Half-moon edgers don’t require electricity or gas.
Cons: Half-moon edgers are labor-intensive and are not as cost-effective as using a spade.

Steppin’ Edger™ or lawn edger
This tool was created for making edges.
Pros: It creates a nice edge, just like a half-moon edger, but it goes much faster. Doesn’t require electricity or gas.
Cons: These edgers are not as cost-effective as spades, and achieving your edge still requires some work.

Gas-powered or electric edger
This is tool was created for making edges.
Pros: You’ll have perfect edges in no time, and with minimal work on your part.
Cons: Noise pollution, energy useage, and cost.

The Finishing Touch
Once you’ve cut your edge, use a spade to lift out the loose sod, mulch the bed, and you’re done!

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