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Details in Glenda’s garden in Washington, Day 2

One more day of wonderful details from Glenda Curdy's garden out in Seattle. In case you missed yesterday's post, she said, "I just got a camera for my birthday. I have always used my iPhone but really wanted to explore photography in my gardens a little more. I decided to take my camera off auto and just go for it after reading my manual and a book dedicated to my particular camera. Please don't be to critical (so many of you out there take some amazing images!) For me in the late fall and winter it becomes all about the little things, and I wanted to share some of those with all of our wonderful GPODers. These images all came from my first day photographing in my gardens. I had a great time and can't wait to get out and take more." I love all of the faces in your garden, Glenda, they add so much life! Thanks so much for sharing all of these great photos with us. Keep 'em coming.

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Hey all! I and a bunch of the other FG editors will be at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show again this year, and I'm scheduled to give another GPOD talk! (A few of you will be getting emails in the next two weeks as I put together the slideshow…) A number of people have emailed (Glenda included) to say that they'll be at the show, and that they'd love to meet up with a bunch of fellow GPODers!


So…who's going to be there?? Let us all know in the comments, and we can start planning an outing! Perhaps after-dinner drinks one night at the bar at the Sheraton?  I'll repeat this announcement for the next week or so, at least, and keep a running list of who's coming….enticement for even more people to come! Oh, and when you comment to say you'll be there, give us your real name so that I can plan name tags that include both that and your screen name…

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And as always, SEND ME PICS OF YOUR GARDEN, OR A GARDEN YOU'VE VISITED! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! –Michelle

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/19/2014

    What a wonderful series of pictures as the followup to the ones you've already shared. I'm a big fan of nandina berries this time of year and that's a beautiful clump your bush is offering up. Today's wood carving communicates so much personality...I can well understand why you were drawn to it as a reminder of your passed forward brother and it inspires you to think of happy memories. Thanks so much for sharing these.

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Yes my brother was a very kind soul with a weathered face and the carving captured him perfectly. Have a very happy day!!!!

  2. GrannyMay 12/19/2014

    Glenda these photos are terrific! You certainly have mastered capturing just the right details with your new camera. The smiling Buddha with the moss, rock and bonsai is perfect! As are the berries and the pieris and the clump of moss on the curving branch. I love this carved tree face even more than yesterday's, would love to find a local source.

    Thanks so much for sharing both the photos and your comments. I can't say for sure yet, but am hoping to get to the flower and garden show and meet you and the other great GPODers. Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      May I hope you get to come that would be so perfect. I really appreciate your comments and kind words.

  3. user-1020932 12/19/2014

    another day of great photos. i do love the macro shots and your face carvings are super and i love moss on anything. i don't know about you but when i discovered my macro button on the camera i also discovered that i am not nearly as "bendy" as i once was to get into a position to get the shot. all great captures but the lantern close up with the evergreen branch in front is my favorite!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      WHAT a macro button where I haven't learned about that one whoa better read some more. I used the lense that came with my camera and yes bendy those were the good old days. My ipad seems not to like discus if I need to correct something I have to get rid of my keyboard bring it back up and start again. Not my IPad either doesn't do it any other time)Jeff thank you for your kind words.

  4. Jay_Sifford 12/19/2014

    Glenda, I love your photos. I believe that gardening and photography go together, much like gardening and wine go together.... but I digress. Attention to detail, appreciation for nature, and good composition are learned from both gardening and photography and are used interchangeably once learned. You've mastered both! Of course, you'll only get better with time (why do I keep going back to allusions to wine?). Great job!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Jay you are so funny I oil pull each morning as I read this blog (google it)and your comment about gardening and wine go together almost made me spit the coconut oil all over my IPad, closest I have ever come. That was soooo.... Great!!! yes I aspire to taking some great macro shots. Daniel Sroka is the photographer that has inspired me to want to do some macro I don't know him but he is so amazing at what he does.we have a few images of his framed up in our home.

      1. GrannyMay 12/19/2014

        Glenda what is "oil pulling" ???

        1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

          It will be easier if you just google it. Healthy for you to do. I've been doing it for a long long time.

          1. GrannyMay 12/19/2014

            I am impressed! And from the Google response, I'm probably the only person who had never heard of this cleansing routine before. GPOD sure is a great source of enlightenment :)

    2. GrannyMay 12/19/2014

      Get a glass of wine, go stroll around the garden with it, take photos of everything that appeals to you. Yes!

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/19/2014

    Glenda, It's such a treat to see these little details of your garden an planters. I am crazy for the little smiling character in the first photo, and everything else for that matter. Jay is right about your photos. Do you have any art or design training?

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      The creative gene and good eye as some call it come naturally. I have always said I didn't get the math gene thank goodness I got the creative one. I do make jewelry and custom design bridal accessories for my business. I love what I do everyday and feel so grateful to be able to do what I do.

  6. greengenes 12/19/2014

    I think you have started something, Glenda with these macro shots! I am thinking about dusting off my camera and trying to do some! These are great shots and they seem to be balanced well. Thanks for sharing and I will see you at the Northwest Flower and Garden show!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Dust it off soon,see you at the show. I hope we can all come up with a time and day that works for the NFGS ?

  7. NCYarden 12/19/2014

    Those carved faces are fantastic. I need to look into something like that for my garden. Worse case, maybe give carving a shot myself. Such great little details captured in your photos. Looks like you're having fun with your new toy. And as I expressed yesterday, love the little planter/bowl scenes...they are "totally mossome"! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      "Mossome"oh you are good. (Me) fly by the seat of my plants, we are coming up with a whole new language for plantaholics however it drives Siri crazy.

  8. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

    Good morning Diane,the branch with the moss is one of my favorites too and and yes the carved faces,if you saw how little they are compared to my close up images you would be amazed at this mans carving skills. He had some of his earlier pieces and oh how he has honed his skills. I wish I knew how to get in touch with him but he's is usually at the Gig Harbor street festival. Yesterday's face is only about 4" high. He uses a dremel to carve and each one had its own personality.

  9. GrannyCC 12/19/2014

    Glenda this has inspired me to look at my own garden in a new way. I love the round oval with the bird hanging from it. I also loved the carved faces and the mossy containers.

    I hope I might come to the Flower Show as May and I came last year however I am waiting on hip surgery so not sure if I will make it this year.
    Catherine Campbell

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Catherine I think the garden show is far more fun than hip surgery,but the sooner than better I suppose so you can get out in your gardens this spring after you heal. I hope you can come I am looking forward to seeing you.

      1. GrannyCC 12/20/2014

        Me too!!! May and I came last year so maybe I will be there, who knows.
        The waiting lists in Canada are very long. Thinking about scooters, wheelchairs or just sitting in all the lectures.That could work too.

    2. Meelianthus 12/19/2014

      GrannyCC/Catherine ~ Best wishes on your hip surgery. I had the same about 3 years ago and am a new person. Such a relief ! Good for at least a couple more decades of gardening don't ya think !

      1. GrannyCC 12/20/2014

        Thanks Linda makes me feel better to hear of all the good results. Looking forward to getting it done. I was on a long waiting list but have now been fast tracked so hope it is soon.

        1. Meelianthus 12/20/2014

          I will hope for you that it is soon too Granny/Catherine. Those last couple of waiting weeks were torturous for me. Hope you are able to make it ot the NWFG - and you could use a wheel chair and see it all.

    3. NCYarden 12/19/2014

      I wish you all the luck as well on your surgery. Believe it nor I just had my hip surgery this past summer, and it went well, as did the recovery. It's a little frustrating with the down time, as I know you'll want to be in the garden. But crutches are pretty good for some of the weeding, and awesome at punching through vole and mole tunnels. Ha! My wife, Christine, could only shake her head. Best wishes on a successful operation and speedy recovery.

      1. GrannyCC 12/20/2014

        Thanks NC Yarden. It gives me hope that others have done well. I have a young woman helping me garden but it is very frustrating that I can't do a lot.

  10. schatzi 12/19/2014

    NC, you are "mossome"! Love it! I can only echo all the other comments on the beauty of it all. You are a talented gardener and photographer,Glenda. I did get the math gene, so my design is more a collection, but I muddle along. When I do get creative I am so pleased with myself!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Shirley thank you for your kind words and Happy day to you.

  11. sheila_schultz 12/19/2014

    What fun to have another day of lovely images from your garden. And... the shots of the moss-kissed branches reminded me of the table decoration I wanted to try for next week's Christmas table! Thanks Glenda ;)

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Hi Sheila I'm also thinking up something as a tablecsape for Christmas brunch. Have fun wondering your gardens looking for your table decorations.

  12. user-7007331 12/19/2014

    Hello! I will be at the NW Flower & Garden Show & will be looking forward to your GPOD talk!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Yea Nora Hope we get to meet.

    2. user-7007332 12/19/2014

      YAY!! I will add you to the list!!

  13. Clarkpark 12/19/2014

    Michelle's talk at the Seattle Flower and Garden Show is scheduled Feb. 11th at 3:15 in the Rainier Room. I am unable to attend this year; Please post pictures of the show for me and others. Season Greetings from WA!

  14. GardenWhimsy 12/19/2014

    Love those wooden log carved you have a resource for them ? thanks

  15. GardenWhimsy 12/19/2014

    Love those carved wooden log you have a resource for them ? thanks

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/24/2014

      I only know the couple sell at the Gig Harbor street fair. Hopefully I can get the name this summer.

  16. OregonGardenGal 12/20/2014

    Great shots! I especially like the carved men and the stone lantern. I would love to make it up to the Garden Show but it's too early to tell if I can get off work to come mid-week. Hope to be retired by next year!

  17. donaldstanfieldwalls 12/20/2014

    Would like to buy that little buddha in the first photo. Any ideas where it can be found? Might be clipart?

  18. Snowqueenl 12/20/2014

    Glenda, I am a gardener and a photographer, I love your enthusiasm for your garden and your new camera. Seeing the type of shots that appeal to you, might I suggest you look into macro photography? I call taking images of the tiny building blocks of the garden. I can really be fun to look at the bits of things. It offers a whole new perspective. Most important is to have fun.

  19. foxglove12 12/28/2014

    Very peaceful photos. And I'll have to check out that Gig Harbor street fair. I'm Only about an hour away.

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