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Daylilies Off the Beaten Track

Not your typical daylily flowers

Today Betsy Thompson is sharing some of her favorite, and unusual, daylilies.

I grow daylilies, iris, hosta, and just about anything else that is pest and disease resistant in my aging townhouse garden in a suburb of Albany, New York. A patch of forest near the back of my garden has provided me with increasing numbers of deer visitors, so I have reduced my daylily collection from over 150 cultivars to only about 40, to reduce time spent spraying as a deterrent to munching. Daylilies come in a variety of forms (there have been close to 90,000 cultivars registered). My favorites are the unusual ones not often sold by neighborhood nurseries. I thought I would share some of mine with the GPOD.

‘Shelby’ (Reed, 2010). Daylily aficionados often give the name of the breeder of the daylily and the year it was introduced in parentheses after the name of the variety. It can be great to know who bred a favorite daylily, because if you like one of their varieties, you’ll likely enjoy other varieties they have created as well.

‘Don’t Know Jack’ (Murphy-J.P., 2007)

‘Heavenly Ghostrider’ (Gossard, 2007)

‘Spindazzle’ (Wilson, 1983)

Kachina Dancer (Roberts-N, 1997)

‘Split Infinitive’ (Mason-M, 2007)

‘Toodleloo Kangaroo’ (Reed, 2003)

‘Tahoe Snow Blizzard’ (Gossard, 2006)

‘Greywoods Great Dana’ (Wilkinson, 2001)

‘Lovely Pink Lady’ (Harris-JN., 2002)

‘Third Witch’ (Reed, 2003)

‘Yellow Typhoon’ (Gossard, 2007)


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  1. wittyone 08/09/2019

    These are really interesting. Where do you manage to find them? I love the names. Toodleloo Kangaroo and Don't Know Jack----how clever. Graywoods Great Dana is beautiful. Wonderful color and shading.

    Thanks for sharing these unusual daylily possibilities.

  2. Musette1 08/09/2019

    these daylilies are really elegant! Thanks for giving all the information on these beauties!

  3. btucker9675 08/09/2019

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous daylilies - they are one of my favorite plants and I had over a hundred in my garden in northern NJ. I have found that even these tough plants take a beating in the summer heat here in the Charlotte area of NC - I've had to move some into areas where they don't have to deal with the late afternoon sun/heat. Stella d'Ora does thrive though - takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Daylilies and irises, for me, are the most amazing flowers as far as variety of colors.

  4. User avater
    simplesue 08/09/2019

    I can understand how you ended up with so many- I started out thinking I would buy one and learned how addictive they are! You do have some unusual ones that I've never seen! Beautiful!

  5. paiya 08/09/2019

    Betsey, each day lily is beautiful- it must have been diffic

  6. paiya 08/09/2019

    Betsey, each day lily is beautiful- it must have been difficult to decide which to keep and which to dispose of/ give away

  7. maryannborcherding 08/09/2019

    Betsy thanks for sharing your daylilies. Even though I've had hundreds pass in and out of my garden I didn't have any you posted. So thanks for that. Yes they are addictive, one or two turns in to 100.

  8. Cenepk10 08/09/2019

    Goodness gracious those are gorgeous... I’m a huge fan of the ditch day lillies too. So tall & blooms themselves silly. That pink lady is the prettiest day lily I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I want fields of those !!!!

  9. Pollen 08/11/2019

    Oh, I am so grateful to see your Daylilies! My formula is 9 Egg Yolks with 1-2 TBLSPNs of Essential Oil Peppermint Oil, mix, and place directly in to hose end sprayer! Its good up to 2 months, yet with torrential rain, best to respray, I have 500. As a AHS Exhibition and Garden Judge and Fine Gardening advocate, see for resources to buy in your area of the world. Most in nurseries are 50 yr.s old so that the nursery industry can mass produce. Best to get direct from the hybridizer- In that daylilies are a monocot(Grass)they aren't fussy and are periennial everywhere. Thanks again

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