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Creating a Magical Escape in the Middle of Town

Rustic details and beautiful water features elevate this garden

Linda VanDyke is sharing her garden with us today.

My husband and I have lived in our home for more than 20 years. When we moved in, our yard had two trees and a wooded area behind us that was not ours. We wanted a water garden, and things grew from there. Our neighbors thought we were putting in a pool but soon realized otherwise. With the help of friends and a lot of rock moving, we got it finished. Soon after, we added a garden shed made from old barn wood and tin roofing. This year we replaced our liner and revamped the water garden and the garden around it. It was a lot harder this time because we think we are 20 in our heads, even though our bodies know we are in our 60s. We now own the land behind us—farm life in the middle of town. Please enjoy.

The water garden. I love the beautiful stonework all around it.


Here is some great use of stone edging and garden art to complement the plants in the garden.


This garden shed was built with old barn wood. Reclaiming old wood saves trees from being cut down, and it gave this shed an instant antique look.


Lovely view down part of the water feature. I’d love to sit here on a summer day and listen to the sound of the water. Read this for help planning your first water garden.


Detail of autumn décor on the reclaimed barn wood shed.


A barn quilt. This traditional style of decoration involved painting the wood of a barn to look like the pattern of an old quilt block. I love the antique look. It would be a great way to bring a bit of rustic history into any garden.


Golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’, Zones 4–8) makes cool “hair” on this garden sculpture.


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  1. bsavage 09/27/2018

    So beautiful! I love all of it!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/27/2018

    You have definitely created a beautiful vacation spot in your own backyard. Lots of fun and interesting things to look at, places to sit and relax, the sounds of moving water (always a plus for a vacation destination) and activities of your choosing (planting, weeding, mulching) galore. I enjoyed looking at all your photos and liked seeing the signs of fall tucked here and there.

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 09/27/2018

    Love your little shed & how you used aged wood.

  4. sandyprowse 09/27/2018

    Absolutely out of this world. I loved and
    stared at each photo. First I’ve heard of
    a ‘barn quilt’ but I’m
    Thrilled with the concept. Great job!

  5. btucker9675 09/27/2018

    Love, love, love your garden! I was in Door County, WI, a couple of weeks ago and there are artists who do modern versions of the old hex signs that were on barns. The new versions are similar to your pretty quilt painting on the shed.

  6. ancientgardener 09/28/2018

    I think I'd be snoozing on a cot on hot summer nights by that beautiful stream. A lot of work indeed (all those rocks!) but an awesome result. How lucky we are to see such creativity from fellow gardeners.

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