The Dirt

Common Sense Pest Control: An Appendix

Chapter 2: Natural Pest Controls

Chapter 3: Introduction to Integrated Pest Management

Chapter 4: Pest Treatment Strategies and Tactics

Chapter 5: Meet “The Beneficials”

Chapter 6: Choosing the Right Chemical and Microbial Tools

Chapter 7: Some Useful Inorganics, Organics, and Botanicals

Chapter 8: New Frontiers: Microbials, Pheromones, and Insect Growth Regulators

Chapter 9: Garden Design and Maintenance

Chapter 10: Meet the Weeds

Chapter 11: Safe and Sane Weed Management

Chapter 12: Preventing Lawn Pests

Chapter 13: Least-Toxic Lawn Pest Management

Chapter 14: Pests of Food and Ornamental Gardens

Chapter 15: Pests of Shade Trees


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