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Way back, whenever some plague took over my vegetable garden, my father would tell me I had two options: go pray in the toolshed or go get the Sevin. Reluctant to spread the deadly powder, I’d seek benediction until the crop teetered on the edge of extinction. Then the insecticide came out of hiding.

But the truth is, gardners have a choice when it comes to dealing with garden pests. That’s the message the authors of Common Sense Pest Control want to share with the world. First printed by Taunton Press in 1991, the book was a revolutionary tome of earth-friendlier options for dealing with general garden pests. Common Sense Pest Control has been revamped and refreshed, and will be on sale starting March 5, 2013. As part of an greater celebration of the reissue, we’ve invited co-author and editor Steven Ash to take over Fine Gardening‘s Facebook wall to answer your pest-related questions.

If you have a problem with a pest in the garden, ask Steve about it by posting a question on on our Facebook wall between 1:00 and 2:00 pm EST on Sunday, February 17. He’ll be there, waiting to answer you as best he can.

See you on Facebook! 2/17!

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  1. plantl0ver 02/09/2013

    the 17th is Sunday

  2. gstilwell 02/17/2013

    I do not do facebook, as they sell your name and all other personal information(twice burned----). Will you have a secure section within Fine Gardening that I can see and post to about the Pest Control Article?
    thank you,

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  6. clarke 08/02/2013

    Hi Antonio Reis,

    I guess this idea is marvelous considering gardening. pest removal services If earth friendly options are there which can prevent you from bugs free and eradicate totally pests this idea should be implemented.

  7. patrichulsey 07/19/2015

    can any one tell me what this is

  8. Dravid7 01/19/2023

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