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Bright and Whimsical in Chapel Hill

By Kim Charles

Halloween Fairy Garden


North Carolina garden highlights from Nicole King.

"This was a rewarding year, with several new projects around the yard.  Last fall's addition of nine Sunshine ligustrums and distribution of existing Becky shasta daisies and coneflowers in our mixed perennial/shrub/conifer berm yielded a more unified and colorful appearance this year along the road.  Three side-planted baskets perched on 6 foot posts allowed the planting of colorful annuals that might have otherwise been deer treats.  Another project included building a hexagonal planter with a small frog pond in the center.  I had no idea that the cannas and elephant ears would grow so massive; I'm going to try to mulch them in-ground to overwinter (zone 7b).  Other photos include an overhead view from our second floor, crocosmia and a paper bush outside the back porch, Alabama Jubilee daylilies complimenting a solar owl, and a planting of pineapple lily and betony along the sidewalk.  I leave you with my most recent project, a Halloween Fairy Garden within an upcycled parts washer.  My kids weren't that impressed, but I'm enjoying it.  Happy Fall!"

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Crocosmia & Paper Bush

July Planter

Kinsman Planter

Planter with pond

Shasta Daisy

Alabama Jubilee Lily

Betony & Lily

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  1. user-3565112 09/29/2016

    Nicole, Your plant combinations are terrific everywhere & the berm is outstanding. I ike the
    miniature garden in the parts washer,it is unique. I have had good luck in zone 7a with Cannna surviving in the ground with mulch cover if the area has good drainage.
    Good luck, Joe

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/29/2016

    I'm happy to admit that I'm not too grown-up to be charmed by your Halloween themed fairy garden, Nicole. It's adorable and has all the right touches in a compact presentation...makes me want to miniaturize myself and go play! Is the bright colored evergreen in the corner a lemon cypress? The addition of the Sunshine ligustrum is very eye-catching and so nicely set off by the blue of the spruce behind them. Your container combinations look awesome and you must be conscientious about watering and admirable!

  3. NCYarden 09/29/2016

    Good morning, Nicole. How about those storms and crazy rain overnight? Everything lying down this morning? Love all the color in your garden. That berm is vibrantly the blue spruce with the yellows and chartreuse - very complementary.
    You should have no problems with the elephant ear remaining in the ground. I quit lifting my bulbs several years ago, and do just as you plan by mulching over it a little heavier. The only consequence - if you think they're massive now, even bigger each proceeding season. Good times. Enjoy!
    By the way, are you aware 'Sunshine' ligustrum was developed by our friend Pat McCracken over in Zebulon? Local delight!
    Would love to come and see your garden sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  4. User avater
    treasuresmom 09/29/2016

    I am always interested in seeing berms in photos. Trying to persuade hubs to do one in the front near the road. Love how very well done yours is and so beautifully planted.

  5. user-4691082 09/29/2016

    Nicole, you have done an outstanding job in planning and execution. Your Pamela Crawford planters look like they are from her catalog! Everything is luscious!

  6. user-7007498 09/29/2016

    Enjoyed your photos this morning, Nicole. The gold color repetition in the berm really pulls your eyes down the border. Well done. Your containers are beautiful and lush. Love the tropical feel of the "pond". Stachys officinalis "Hummelo" is one of my favorite groundcovers. I love the purple salvia-like flower spikes and the leaves hold up so much better than Stachys byzantina.

    Thanks for sharing you garden.

  7. Sunshine111 09/29/2016

    Pretty, pretty! I especially loved the July planter!

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/29/2016

    You really have a way with color and a super creative streak. I love the Stachys and Eucomis combination. The pink flowers near the dark foliage are a great match.

  9. sheila_schultz 09/29/2016

    It was great fun seeing bits and parts of your gardens this morning, Nicole. You are quite adept at melding together textures and colors in both your garden beds and containers, beautifully designed.
    PS You must have had a smile on your face the whole time you were putting together your Halloween fairy garden!

  10. schatzi 09/29/2016

    Well done. The exuberant flowering baskets on the 6' posts add a colorful touch to the green and yellow berm. The July pot is glorious. It's all beautiful.

  11. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 09/29/2016

    Nicole, I really like your colorful garden. I'm always a sucker for yellow plants that give sunshine on cloudy days. Your Edgeworthia must add some nice winter interest by your porch. We love ours all year long but it has gotten huge this summer. Has your Stachys been invasive? I'm looking for more ground covers but would like something less aggressive. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  12. Cenepk10 10/01/2016

    Nicole !!! Those photos are fabulous! I can see all the details on my iPhone - So pretty. Love your combos. Love your clever deer tease. Crocosmia looks ecstatically happy ... thanks for sharing!!!!

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