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Breathtaking Perennial Beds

Adeline Kong's impressive garden is located in the Lower Mainland BC.

"It's been a while since I last sent in my garden photos. Gardening season started early for us. However, summer days were still cool on some days, I think the plants in my garden felt it. The annuals I started from seeds were slow to takeoff. However on the bright side, my perennials are going crazy. These are my perennial beds, talking about color confusions. I think that's the result from my lack of will power when it comes to sticking to color schemes and to as planned."

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  1. wGardens 07/19/2016

    Mmmmmm! Eye Candy! Your gardens are spectacular! What a treat for yourself... and EVERY visitor.

  2. diane_lasauce 07/19/2016

    Adeline, splendid gardens. They show us all that rule breaking is sure fire! Kudos.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/19/2016

    You'll read no complaints from me , Adeline, about your color scheme. I figure if Mother Nature makes the colors, then they go together. Is that white alyssum planted along much of your bed edges? Whatever it is, the billowing softness seems to tie everything together and the end result is just a very joyful celebration of color.

  4. user-7007498 07/19/2016

    Adeline: What a colorful display. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. I also love getting new plants, so I agree with you about how hard it can be to stick to color schemes. You have done a great job.

  5. user-3565112 07/19/2016

    Who needs a colorwheel ? Your gardens are bright, beautiful & PNW lush.
    I hope you keep following your impulses because the results are terrific, good luck, Joe

  6. NCYarden 07/19/2016

    Wow, I'm seeing splendid colors everywhere...looks like a great "plan" to me. Who said there were rules anyway? Would any of us argue that the textures are inconsistent? Certainly not!! You have created a beautiful garden, Adeline. Something eye-catching everywhere.
    That has got to be the hottest pink hydrangea I have ever seen...I love it...I would be ecstatic to get that into my garden. Thanks for sharing.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 07/19/2016

      That really is an amazingly vibrant flowered hydrangea. I sure hope Adeline pops in to tell us the name of it. I've never seen one with such intense color. My consolation for the tiny bit of envy I feel is that I bet it would fade to an uninspiring pale pink if it had to deal with our southeastern heat and humidity.

      1. NCYarden 07/19/2016

        Yes, I do fear, even if we get an identification from Adeline, that a lot of the color is because of growing conditions there, and I would get something much less here...sigh.

  7. user-4691082 07/19/2016

    I can never post until I see what Michaele has to say. Then I rush back to see what I missed! It's all beautiful! Thanks Adeline!

  8. Chris_N 07/19/2016

    I'd say your scheme is easy to identify. It's called "Riots of Color." And it is spectacular. I like seeing the play structure as well. I can envision little kids running wild through all that unrestrained beauty. It makes me smile!

  9. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/19/2016

    i just love the rhythmic and undulating feeling of your borders and the billowing mounds of foliage and flowers. Just looks great to me.

  10. VikkiVA 07/19/2016

    The more I plan my garden the more it does what it wants. Your not sticking to a plan has turned out to be a beautiful "mistake." I love all of the bright color combinations and your beds full of color and healthy plants. I also like the flow of the beds and how they appear to make garden rooms. Now, what is the name of that RED Hydrangea? Love me some Hydrangeas. Vikki in VA

  11. User avater
    treasuresmom 07/19/2016

    In the last photo, the white plant looks to be a hydrangea. What is the reddish color one next to it?

  12. GrannyCC 07/19/2016

    Love your colour confusion. Just my style,

  13. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 07/19/2016

    Adeline, your beds are such a riot of color that you must really appreciate them on our cloudy days. They're beautifully set off by your green grass which I am very envious of since summer drought has set in here, just to the south of you. Do you have the name of the pinkish red hydrangea? It was an existing plant in our garden and know that it is not 'Pistachio', maybe 'Paris'? Love that red seating area and bet that it's a favorite viewing spot for appreciating all of your hard work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. adeline_kong 07/20/2016

      Linda, I wish we could send your our rain. Been ok for us so far.. rain wise. Started on a whole new part of the garden this year with lots of young plants, tough to keep up with the watering. The red hydrangea's name is ..Masja

      1. User avater
        LindaonWhidbey 07/21/2016

        Thanks, Adeline, and so agree about the watering. We start early in the morning and continue all day with soakers and sprinklers.

  14. schatzi 07/19/2016

    You must be doing something right - it's all lush and gorgeous.

  15. maryannborcherding 07/19/2016

    Perfect joining of grass lanes bordered by every color flower. I loved it!

  16. perenniallycrazy 07/20/2016

    Totally fabulous Adeline! Your garden looks like it's loving our soggy summer (but hey I'm loving it too as no water shortage. Fingers crossed.)

    1. adeline_kong 07/20/2016

      Yes, indeed loving it too, not too much watering and the lawn is still green

  17. adeline_kong 07/20/2016

    Thks everyone!

  18. user-7006958 08/13/2016

    Oh my! Lovely gardens! We want to see more pictures!

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