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Book Giveaway: Paper Blooms

The daffodil in evidence.
Photo/Illustration: Victoria North
The daffodil in evidence.
Photo/Illustration: Victoria North

As I was pacing the halls between Fine Gardening and Craft Stylish‘s offices, I noticed a beautiful but disturbing thing: a pristine daffodil in a clear plastic box. It was like finding Snow White in her glass coffin.

Upon closer observation, I realized it was a small paper replica of a daffodil. An exquisite one, at that. Its owner, a web producer at our sister site, explained that this paper beauty is an example from a new book written by Craft Stylish contributor Jeffery Rudell. They’re giving his book away over there.

I thought I’d share the news with you, as fellow flower lovers who might want a copy. Click here to get the details.

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