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Another video tour of Ali’s garden in Iran

I love when Ali Mollanazar checks in from Iran to share his garden with us! In case you've missed it, we've visited his garden three times (HERE), and he's one of the most inspirational gardeners we've met here at the GPOD. Today he's back with an epic new video montage, complete with very cool music! I keep noticing more and more familiar plants as I watch it (in sections, since it's pretty long….) Gardening truly does unite us across the globe. Enjoy!

Watch the video here!

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  1. user-1020932 02/20/2015

    Ali, that was an education in Iranian gardening and plant selection. i just finished watching (i watched in sections too) the last segment of the video. some plants i recognized, some i did not but i enjoyed all of them.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/20/2015

    What a lovely respite all those colorful garden scenes are to the snow and ice that fill my gaze as I look out my kitchen window in real time.I really enjoyed your music choices, also. Putting this video together certainly represents a tremendous commitment of time and I'm sure it was a labor of love as you got to revisit so many beautiful garden moments.

  3. Cenepk10 02/20/2015

    This was a treat !!! The artistry is phenomenal, Ali. Your roses, grapes & other fruit trees & that waterfall !!!! I feel as if I was given a tour of Eden by a very romantic artist !!! So grateful for this. The rocks ... Amazing !!! Especially to realize they didn't place themselves !!! Truly, your spectacular garden is a marvel.

  4. Cenepk10 02/20/2015

    Oh ... Loved the music !!!!

  5. greengenes 02/20/2015

    Wonderful to see! Thankyou ... Inspite of all the differences in governments, religion and cultures I so find that gardening and music is a universal language for sure!

  6. wittyone 02/20/2015

    Ali, this was beautiful as usual. I loved seeing your garden in various seasons. The fruit trees in full bloom were magnificent and the rose with the dusting of snow was lovely. It surprises me to see so many familiar plants since I can't imagine two places more dissimilar than hilly southern Indiana and the lofty peaks surrounding you in Iran. A wonderful job with the video---I know it must have taken a huge amount of time to bring together and am so glad you made the effort and sent it out so that we could enjoy it with you.

  7. hostamom 02/20/2015

    What a wonderful start to a -9 degree temperature here in East TN. Your gardens are absolutely beautiful. I will watch this many, many more times to look at the plants and see which ones I love, and can name, but also for the many design ideas for containers, pond area, piles of rocks, vine supports, etc. Thank you for posting.

  8. GrannyMay 02/20/2015

    Thank you, Ali! You can be very proud to have created such a beautiful and productive garden for all your family and friends to enjoy. It is an amazing place that you have built, surrounded by gorgeous mountain and valley views. Please do keep sharing with us. I wish we could smell those wonderful roses!

  9. sheila_schultz 02/20/2015

    Thank you, Ali, for taking GPOD on a lovely journey through your beautiful gardens. I feel as if I have been on a holiday with enough time to stop and smell the roses!

  10. GrannyCC 02/20/2015

    Thank you Ali for sharing your garden in this unique way. It is amazing how many of the plants that are grown are familiar to all the GPOD friends and they survive in so many regions around the world..

  11. Spring_y 02/20/2015

    I love your video, it's like stepping in an enchanted garden. I can see we have the same taste in music, which is beautiful, too, making the whole experience even more magical.

  12. user-7007327 02/20/2015

    Beautiful and peaceful, a walk through paradise. Love all of your water features.

  13. christianesterges 02/21/2015

    just spent a few enchanted hours in Iran ... thank you !

  14. user-4342675 02/24/2015

    I especially enjoyed the fountain, grapes, and wished I could smell it all, looks like heaven.

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