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And the winner of the May Flowers Photo Challenge is…

Photo/Illustration: Rachel Towne
Photo/Illustration: Rachel Towne

Congratulations to Rachelle Towne of Wild Rose, WI, (also known as Olivia54984) for her winning post, Rembrandt Tulip Petals. It’s always hard to choose a winner, but her post was chosen unanimously by our editors for the May Flowers Photo Challenge. Rachelle wins a $25 gift certificate and a tote bag from Botanical Interests.

We asked Rachelle to tell us about her garden and her Rembrandt tulips:

“According to my dad, I have been weeding since I was 6 months old.  My dad is a dairy farmer, but has grown his share of vegetable crops, including cucumbers, potatoes, alfalfa, and corn. The family farm is adjacent to WI’s Central Sands area, which is a large vegetable growing region in central WI.  Families have always grown food to eat here. For a long time I eschewed growing food. Growing food being so “common,” I grew flowers. As times are changing, I have been very into growing natives and edible landscapes the last couple years.”

“I love tulips, and even grew all the tulips for my brother’s wedding; each of the bridesmaids carried a bouquet of four dozen black tulips; feathered, lily-flowering, peony types; and Queen of the Night.  The timing of that, though, scared me half to death.”
“I am self-employed and substitute teach during the school year, but during the summer I grow perenials, natives, and shrubs and sell them through a small local shop catering to locally-produced art and craft items.”
“Currently, where my the Rembrant-style tulips bloomed are native giant beardtongue, Penstemon digitalis, in full-bloom.  Following that will be the native wild rose, I think it is the Rosa carolina or pasture rose (pink five-petaled).  The area where these tulips were planted 7 years ago and grow is a dry, gravely type of scree off my alley.”

Congratulations, Rachelle!

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  1. floweringangel 06/25/2009

    Have you ever thought of selling some of your bulbs on line through your own site, or on ebay? I would much rather purchase
    some of your spectacular bulbs with some proven history than
    some big house grower or over seas for that matter. To even reduce the carbon footprint if nothing else. It would be lovely for others outside the local area to share in your spoils.

  2. EdenT 07/12/2009

    You could also have your photos made into scrapbook paper. I'd love to use your picture as a background for some of my summer pictures!

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