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A Special Plantation Garden in Georgia

By Kim Charles

Liz Tedder has come a very long way with her plantation gardens.

"I live in Newnan, Georgia, south of Atlanta. We restored a Federal house and all of the outbuildings that were once part of the 1830's plantation, Oak Grove Plantation. My garden is 33 years old and was originally a completely clean canvas. Now there are approximately 5 acres of gardens. I grew up on a farm, have always loved plants and hard work. I have room for all kinds of plants and grow most things that will grow in our zone. I always push the limits. I have enjoyed your magazine since the very beginning. A friend in PA sent me my first subscription, so I guess I have had your magazines as long as I have had my garden. I am very frugal gardener, a friend of mine calls it Liz's " FISHES AND LOAVES DIVISION AND MULTIPLICATION".  We compost, mulch, mulch and much more."

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  1. frankgreenhalgh 09/16/2016

    G'day Liz - What a joy to learn of the history of your garden and take a virtual tour! You have created an absolutely spectacular garden, and have every right to be extremely proud of your achievements. Good old farm girl initiative and hard yakka (Aussie term for work) have worked wonders. Love everything about it - including the formal and informal parts, white picket fences, outbuildings and brick and rock work for borders and pathways. The flowering azaleas certainly make a lovely entrance to your beautiful restored house. What are the pieces of garden art in front of the picket fence around the little cottage (just cannot make it out)? Cheers, Frank

  2. mjensen 09/16/2016


  3. user-3565112 09/16/2016

    Your gardens are just awesome. Each garden area is unique unto itself & gorgeous.
    Good luck, Joe

  4. NCYarden 09/16/2016

    This garden is exquisite. I can only imagine where mine will be in 20 more years. Your garden certainly sets an aspirational goal. Great job on the restoration and filling in all the blank space. Thanks for sharing.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/16/2016

    Gotta' say, Liz, that your property and home were very fortunate when you came into their lives and vice versa (since you are a lover of hard work). Instead of those 5 acres being broken up into lots for a subdivision, they have been allowed to retain their gracious proportions surrounding the elegant house. And have been enhanced by pathways, garden rooms and interesting garden structures...all so lovely. Is the stately tree surrounded by the pink azaleas a variety of live oak?

  6. User avater
    treasuresmom 09/16/2016

    What would a southern garden be without azaleas? Yours are gorgeous. Well, your whole garden is gorgeous. How do you keep it weeded?

  7. Chris_N 09/16/2016

    Beautiful gardens and you seem to have a flare for photography as well. Getting good over all shots can be difficult and you pull it off with style. Every shot makes me feel like I'm in the garden and I want to walk stroll down the path and see what that intriguing garden art the Frank mentioned is or follow that curve around to see what's hiding there.

  8. user-4691082 09/16/2016

    You have created a little bit of heaven on earth! You are certainly being a good steward with what you've been given. Thanks for sharing!

  9. anitaberlanga 09/16/2016

    these gardens are stunning! and the photography is, as well. 5 acres of gardens! wow!

  10. CTpat 09/16/2016

    Liz, you have certainly done a lovely job and apparently manage to keep it all neat and tidy, too. That formal area inside the picket fence is wonderful. I hope this summer's drought didn't hit you too hard. Five acres would be an awful lot of watering!

    I wanted to mention to everyone that there's a post in the second line down (at least on my computer) in GPOD on the FG web site called "Profound Blooms in Alberta". I don't think anyone got it as a post as there's only one comment, from Michaele. I noticed it this morning and thought I'd mention it to all of you good people who usually comment.

  11. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/16/2016

    These photos just make me want to take a stroll and explore the grounds on a cool morning. (I hope you have some cool mornings in Geogia!) It looks so beautiful, yet homey. I love that you have the space to multiply the fishes and loaves; that's the upside to having space to fill: you can really get some nice groupings and repetition of plants. Kudos.

  12. wittyone 09/16/2016

    My goodness what a wonderful job you have done. I can see the 33 years worth of work in your beautiful plantings. I love the shots with the long sight lines from arbor to arbor. Send more pictures, I'd love to see what's around the other side of those curves.

  13. sheila_schultz 09/16/2016

    Scrolling through the photos and taking in the charm of your Southern gardens has me in awe, Liz. I particularly enjoy the shot of your home with the beautiful oak, azaleas in their full glory and the gorgeous fence with the stone posts. It's quite stunning, and if I close my eyes I can even smell the boxwoods in the sultry air. Lovely!

  14. terieLR 09/16/2016

    Lovely Liz! I love it... Fishes-n-Loaves are exactly what makes your splendid gardens. Repetition tends to keep it from looking poke-a-dotted. It's a win win when you have all that energy and the spaces to fill. Please send us more!

  15. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 09/16/2016

    Liz, thank you for sharing your beautiful garden this morning. It's a perfect closer to the week as there is so much to see in each photo that we can spend the whole weekend looking at them. I would love to know more about how each of your spectacular garden rooms evolved; did you just need another area to put your plant divisions or did you have a master plan? In any event, this is all so impressive. Kudos for preserving and beautifying your historical property.

  16. GrannyCC 09/16/2016

    What a beautiful southern style garden. I especially love all the pathways and it looks like a wonderful way to stroll through your garden and enjoy the many beautiful plants.

  17. schatzi 09/16/2016

    Your energy and vision astound me! Beautiful job on a major undertaking. Love to see more.

  18. NWAgardener 09/16/2016

    What an extraordinary undertaking! You have recreated the garden feel of an 1830's southern plantation. Thank you for sharing pictures of your fabulous gardens and structures and for preserving this wonderful piece of history.

  19. Cenepk10 09/16/2016

    Omygoodness.... Gotta see this on computer....

  20. Cenepk10 09/16/2016

    Well I've never .... This is my very definition of heaven

  21. janeeliz 09/16/2016

    It is , indeed, very special! Clearly a work of LOVE and VISION! I'd love to meander looks so inviting. Your photos are wonderful, too. Hope you share more with us.

  22. wGardens 09/17/2016

    Breath-taking! Your home and gardens are gorgeous! I would absolutely love to see your gardens in person. A MASTERPIECE! (More photos, please?)

  23. eddireid 09/17/2016

    Hello Liz, this is the kind of garden I should Like to have! You have created a really beautiful place. I echo the joy that this property has, thanks to you, thrived and tenderly survived.

  24. foxglove12 09/18/2016

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the formal gardens. Wish I had the room.

  25. Cenepk10 09/19/2016

    Do you ever open the gardens for tours & can I buy a ticket ? - Your friend in Loganville, Ga ?

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