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A Rosy Garden in Argentina, Part 2

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Welcome back to Martha Veronesi’s incredible garden in the city of Pilar, Argentina.

My largest garden bed is the one that we can see directly from the gallery of the house, so we can enjoy it all year—but especially in summer. It took me several years to choose the plants that I wanted to mix. It’s the sunniest place in the garden, with different types of roses that bloom—from the candy pink with white suffused light pink reverse of the ‘Dynastie’ rose; to the red-white, slightly fragrant ‘Jubilee Du Prince de Monaco’ rose (sold in the United States under the name ‘Fire and Ice’); to the dark red double blossoms of the ‘Europeana’ rose, all mixed up with the purple of the anise-scented sage (Salvia guaranitica, Zones 8–10) and the lilac of the daisylike flowers of the asters. One of my dearest friends once told me that when you look at it, it seems as if it were a “big wave” because of the different colors and because of the shape of the garden bed. I don’t know; I simply enjoy the blooming with hummingbirds and butterflies flying all around it. Sure, a little bit of work is required, but for me it is worth it.

More of “the wave” bed

English rose ‘Pat Austin’ with daylilies

Rose ‘Jubilee Du Prince de Monaco’

Zinnias (Zinnia elegans, annual)

‘Europeana’ rose, allium, and a yellow bird cage (without birds) decorate the inside of the bed garden. I love to decorate garden beds with objects that we bought during our vacations. This yellow bird cage has been painted and repainted in different colors (the whole family participates in choosing the color) several times during the past years, but it always stays inside the bed garden as a reminder of the good times together.

Dahlias and violet anise-scented sage (Salvia guaranitica)

Tulbaghia violacea (Zones 7–10) and an ornamental grass (Setaria) on the border of the swimming pool.

Near the house a fire pit warms the winter nights, and friends and family gather around it. This fire pit was design by my husband and works with natural gas.

Daylilies near the swimming pool.


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 08/21/2019

    Love that "wave" bed. It is gorgeous!

    1. marthaveronesi 08/21/2019

      Thank yow very much!!

  2. avongardener 08/21/2019

    What a beautiful garden! Martha, how do you manage to keep your roses so healthy? Do you have any problems with rose diseases like black spot?

    1. marthaveronesi 08/21/2019

      Thank you for the comment!! What I do in summer to keep the roses healthy is I walk and look carefully to the roses twice a week to see if they have black spots or aphids or any other kind of disease, and if so, I spray them with a special product for them. For the black spot, to prevent it, when I water the roses I try not to wet the leaves and flowers, watering just and only the soil of the rosebush. I am so glad you like it!!!

  3. btucker9675 08/21/2019

    Gorgeous! Being in the pool and surrounded by your beautiful garden must be heaven!

    1. marthaveronesi 08/21/2019

      thank you for your comment!! Glad that you like it!!!

  4. User avater
    simplesue 08/21/2019

    The beautiful large flower border that you see from the gallery of your house is perfection! I'm glad you mentioned that it took you years to get the arrangement and choice of flowers just the way you wanted, because this autumn I was thinking of transplanting a border that I see from my kitchen door to get it just right. Your husband does wonderful stuff in the garden too! Lots of talent between the two of you!

  5. marthaveronesi 08/21/2019

    Thank you very much!!! And yes!! the choice of plants took me several years because one thing is the plant that we like and other is if that plant can live and grow in that place with the other plants. Several landscaping courses that I took definitely helped me!!! I Appreciate very much your comment.

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