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A happy jumble

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

When the words “cottage garden” come to mind, this is the kind of planting I picture. This is a mix of yellow and orange cosmos, red and pink zinnias, and purple tall verbena (Verbena bonariensis) designed by Liz Niebling for her garden in Exeter, New Hampshire. Liz planted the cosmos as just a yellow variety years ago, and collects its seeds each year. Every spring she’s surprised to see the orange flowers mixed in, too. We love this happy jumble of plants. Mick the kitty seems to, too.

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  1. Vespasia 08/25/2010

    Just lovely, so natural, love Mick sneaking by!

  2. user-7006895 08/25/2010

    This is terrific! I love the verbena in the back. I've got something similiar in my yard this year -- I got a free pack of zinnas which I planted in a small corner. Seeds from cosmos from years past plus some black eyed susans grew in as well. Now all I need is the cat...

  3. grizmom3 08/25/2010

    Colorful, yes...jumble, absolutely.

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