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A Gardener’s Checklist for Winter

Photo/Illustration: Stephanie Fagan

January marks the start of the gardening cycle, and gardeners once again select their seeds and plants and focus on the season to come. Whatever the weather in your part of the country, can help you with expert gardening advice. See the links below for winter-related articles and videos.

Abundant Indoor Blooms
Success with house plants such as African violets, gloxinias, Cupid’s bowers, Cape primroses, and flame violets depends on consistent moisture and light.   Read more…
Preventing and Repairing Winter Damage
Winter can take a heavy toll on your trees, shrubs, and beds. Learn how to identify, prevent, and fix the damage, no matter where you live.    Read more…
Wonderful Winter Containers
Celebrate the season by using hardy plants and fresh-cut boughs.   Read more…
Flowering Paperwhites for Winter Windowsills
Who cares if it’s winter outside? You’ll hardly notice if you pot up some easy-to-force bulbs with superior blossoms and scents.   Read more…
Witch Hazels
Not much flowers in February, but witch hazels might. Brighten your winter landscape with one of these standout varieties.   Read more…
4 Ways to Use a Cold Frame
A cold frame is a valuable garden asset. You can use it to overwinter dormant plants, give seedlings an early start, harden off transplants, and extend the gardening season well past frost.    Read more…
Stretching the Seasons
Designer Piet Oudolf recommends using perennials with appealing seed heads and distinctive structural outlines to add interest to the fall and winter garden.   Read more..
Video: How to Sharpen Pruners
Sharp pruning shears are a joy to use. Lee Reich, author of The Pruning Book, shows you how to sharpen bypass pruners.   Watch the video…
A Bumper Crop of Garden Catalogs
Winter is the dream season: no weeds, bugs, no blight, just visions of a perfect floral border or veggie patch. And the catalogs are the wish books. Check out all our reviews; you might discover a new source for your seeds and plants   Read more…
All About Starting Seeds
Learn about what to start from seed, where to get seeds, how to start seeds seed-starting equipment, and caring for your seedlings.   Read more…
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