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A Gardener’s Checklist for Early Fall

Even though the weather cools and the daylight dwindles, it’s way too early to put the tools away. There’s a lot of gardening still to be done. With proper planning, you can still create container displays and even cutting gardens. You might also be busy with lawn care, leaf collection, and spring bulb planting. Below you’ll find links to articles, videos, and tips to help you with early fall gardening.

Fine Gardening Issue 147 For more timely gardening information and inspiration, check out the September/October 2012 issue of Fine Gardening (#147).
Containers that Keep Kicking into Fall Bored by mums? Containers that Keep Kicking into Fall
Bored by mums? Well, rest easy; there are many other choices for fall containers, and nursery owner Dennis Schrader shares his favorites.   Read more…
Fall Leaves Make a Great Natural Mulch Video: Fall Leaves Make a Great Natural Mulch
Fallen leaves carry 50 to 80 percent of the nutrients a tree extracts from the soil and air, including carbon, potassium, and phosphorus. So why waste them? Collect them in the fall, save them over the winter, and apply them to your garden beds in the spring. Watch the video…
Overwintering Tender Plants Overwintering Tender Plants
Warm and bright, cool and bright, or cool and dark? Container guru Steve Silk tells you which tropicals need which treatment to survive the winter and live to thrive again next spring. Read more…
Autumn Turf Tips Autumn Turf Tips
Pamper your lawn in fall to promote a lush green carpet in spring. Read more…
Great Plants for a Fall Cutting Garden Great Plants for a Fall Cutting Garden
Rely on colorful, long-stemmed plants to keep your vases filled as the season winds down. Read more…
Naturalizing Spring-Blooming Bulbs Naturalizing Spring-Blooming Bulbs
Is there anything more beautiful than sweeps of crocus, narcissus, snowdrops and other bulbs to mark the return of spring? Fall is the time to plant them, so find out how to do it now.  Read more…
Frost and the Fall Vegetable Garden Frost and the Fall Vegetable Garden
As the weather cools, gardeners watch for frosts, which can kill tender crops. Some veggies are frost sensitive and should be harvested immediately, while others can survive temperatures below 32 degrees, at least for a while. Read more…


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  1. karen_roberson 10/30/2014

    At the top of this page is a photo of a gorgeous garden arrangement! In fact, there are many of these photos on your site. Could you please, please start adding a blurb that tells us admirers the names of the plants displayed so we can locate them for purchase? This extra effort would be very much appreciated and would draw so many more gardeners to your site. Please? Please?

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