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A Celebration of Clematis

The queen of flowering vines

We visited Lynn Crawford’s incredible garden earlier this year, and today we’re happy to share some additional images of her clematis showing off their incredible flowers from this spring.

A pure white, large-flowered hybrid clematis. There are many different types of clematis, but the large-flowered hybrids are the most popular in gardens and sometimes the trickiest to grow. If you need some help with your clematis, we’ve got an article on pruning clematis, one on using them in designs, and some myth-busting on common misconceptions about these plants.

A beautiful pink clematis scrambling up a fence. Fences are natural homes for clematis, providing the vines support and making a practical necessity in the garden into a beautiful feature.

Clematis come in nearly every color of the rainbow and often in interesting patterns. This bold pink is particularly striking.

A double clematis unfolding layer after layer after layer of colorful petals.

This is such a great idea—a simple trellis lifts this clematis up from the ground and creates a wonderful high point in the garden, framed perfectly by a carpet of hostas.

Roses and clematis are classic garden partners. I love the delicacy of this clematis flower contrasting with the vicious-looking rose thorns.


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 07/19/2019

    I'm trying to grow Clematis also. What is your secret?! Yours are so healthy! I've had some trouble getting mine established and some mysterious die back. One day I hope to get results like you have! Beautiful!

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 07/19/2019

      Hi, Simple Sue, there's a condition called Clematis Wilt that can cause the dying back of stems. I think it's a fungus condition so if you have a plant afflicted, cut the dying stem to the ground and clean up all the dead/dying leaf debris to try to rid the immediate area of the fungus. I don't know why it happens and I've lost some clematis vines to this ailment. Maybe some varieties have more natural resistance.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/19/2019

    Nothing like wire mesh spread across fencing to give clematis lots of room to romp and stomp...go wide and go as tall as allowed. Your super vibrant pink one is a real eye catcher and the serenity of the pure white is quite alluring. All are beautiful and add so much to the garden.

  3. btucker9675 07/19/2019

    Love your clematis! I have Nelly Moser growing up a trellis in a large pot at the corner of my garage - pale lilac blooms the size of dessert plates late Spring/early Summer. She stopped "traffic" on my street this year! Also have a few more, but in my back gardens so they don't get the attention Nelly does! : ) The curly whirlys left after the blooms are almost as much fun, too!

  4. cheryl_c 07/19/2019

    I think you may have advised me that clematis are heavy feeders, so I fed my with good rich manure late last summer and twice this spring with much improved growth and flowering. However, mine, like Simple Sue's have gone into a slump now, and I'm hoping my native crossvine will take over and fill out the trellis. Your portrait shots of your blooms are spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  5. carolineyoungwilliams 07/22/2019

    Absolutely Beautiful Lynn

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