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35 Years of Gardening

If your garden doesn't yet look like this, don't worry. Jeanne has been at it for 35 years. #GardenGoals

"Jeanne Cronce here from Port Orchard, Washington. Our gardens started about 35 years ago and now has reached a peak of paradise. The trees still haven't though so if you are just starting out do plant trees now. Then you will be able to enjoy their fullness. from the front porch and backside of berm."

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  1. jeffgoodearth 05/18/2016

    Jeanne, I love every square inch and every leaf in your garden and I won't begrudge you that blue poppy even though I can't have them here. What is the large leafed plant in the last photo?

    1. user-7007498 05/19/2016

      I believe it is Ligularia tussilaginea 'Gigantea', although I have never seen one in the garden.

    2. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Good morning Jeff! Thanks for the nice comment on the gardens. Yes, the blue poppy seems to be doing better this year. I moved it to where it gets more sun. In the last picture is Petisetis Fuki Fuki. This spreads and gets quite huge. They eat this in Japan. But it is easy to dig up and control. I also found a varigated form which is so cool!

  2. user-7007498 05/19/2016

    Jeanne: What a beautiful landscape. Love the pond made from the boat. What a great idea. The picture with the fountain is perfect. Shows off all the elements of a great design with terrific plant selection. Looks like a wonderful landscape to garden in.

    Hopefully that bamboo is a clump former, or you really like to garden "on the edge".

  3. perenniallycrazy 05/19/2016

    I'm soooo glad you're back Jeanne! I love your garden and always will. I can't even pick a favorite photo in today. I hope to get to enjoy 35 years of gardening like you and to experience growing a garden in the same depth and breadth as you have here.

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Cherry! Yes, i have been so busy. But the gardens are shaping up a bit now. Its sure a labor of love. I have never met a plant i didnt like and thats my problem. You are well on your way or should i say arrived with your gardens. Its quite fun to see eachothers styles and likes with the gardens. Happy gardening Cherry!

  4. frankgreenhalgh 05/19/2016

    All your hard work Jeanne has paid off big time. Great photos of the fountain and boat. What is in your screenhouse?

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Frank... It certainly is hard work but i enjoy it so much. I hope i die in the garden! The coldframe/ greenhouse is used for over wintering pots of plants and late winter into spring i propagate and divide plants. Also i start seeds and it gives them a great start for the seasons ahead. We put in a heater which is so needed for some plants.Right now i have bananas and overgrown starts which i need to set out. Thanks!

      1. frankgreenhalgh 05/19/2016

        Gee Jeanne - You obviously love gardening, but hell gardening will keep you fit, your neurons ticking over and more importantly, keep you above the ground. After all you have the right 'genes'. It is great that you propagate your own plants, including your vegetables (is that what you call starts?). I notice that you have some large trees in the background, which provides nice layering of your garden. Large trees within your garden beds would create problems with roots taking up the nutrients and water etc. - also cause shading. Stay healthy and keep posting on this blog. Cheers

        1. greengenes 05/19/2016

          Starts are from seed purchased through the winter catalogs of different kinds of perinnials and annual flowers. I usually purchase my vegi seeds unless it is an outstanding seed like certain cucumbers. But i try new stuff every year. The larger fir trees do present a problem sometimes but we cut them down and use them in our wood stove for heat in the winter months.

          1. frankgreenhalgh 05/20/2016

            OK Jeanne, they are what we call seedlings.

  5. katieerb 05/19/2016

    What beautiful spaces, truly looks like a labor of love. I agree with your comment on trees, always put them in early for they truly form the structure for the overall garden.

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Katie... thank you for the comments. It is a labor of love for sure. Trees are my favorite and i sure wish i would of planted some a whole lot sooner than later. I enjoy seeing old plantings in towns where the trees and shrubs are at their full potential.

  6. Jay_Sifford 05/19/2016

    Just lovely. You and your gardens are inspiring for all of us. I especially love the tricolor and purple beeches and the gunnera. I can't grow any of those here.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Happy gardening!

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Jay... thanks for your comments and i am glad the gardens inspire. Arent the beeches nice trees! This year the color has been outstanding! Iam sorry you cant grow the gunnera. It is such a jungle plant! Heavy feeders they are for sure! Yes you are right that is the petasites, Fuki Fuki. This is eaten in Japan. I also have a varigated form i found. To keep it in check i use a shovel and cut the new shoots off. It seems the roots are quite tender. But it gives such a great jungle effect i just had to plant it there in this spot. I found nothing else which would work. You have a wonderful day, Jeff!

    2. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/19/2016

      Beeches don't grow in NC? Too warm?

      1. Jay_Sifford 05/19/2016

        Hi Tim. I have a lot of American beeches in my woods, but the copper beach, purple beeches, tricolor beeches,,, can't grow them. Yes, probably the heat and humidity. They do ok but not great in the NC mountains, but that's the extent of it.

  7. greengenes 05/19/2016

    Hi Diane... Thanks and i am glad you enjoyed these. Isnt the beech wonderful? This year it has the best color ever! The blue poppy is such a wonderful color. I almost lost it due to being planted in the shade. So i moved it and now it is blooming! Have a great day today!

  8. NCYarden 05/19/2016

    Astounding, Jeanne. So true, get those trees in, and fill in with the rest. It appears you keep your Hakuro Nishiki often do you do it in one season? I love this plant, but let mine grow crazy - an explosion off the ground. Really liking the golden chain tree too. I will attempt this one again. A storm blew mine out of the ground years back and just never recovered. And as others have commented that blue in the poppy is almost unbelievable. Beautiful property and fantastic plant combinations. Hooray for age!

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi NC Yarden! Yes, Hooray for age! Boy am i feeling it too! Yes i do keep the nishiki pruned. I do it twice a season. I love this too for its color and flowy effect. I have them all over the property. These are easy to propagate too. The golden chain tree was my very first tree. It was a gift for mothers day. I love the pop of color in the spring. Hope you get another one! Have a great day in your gardens!

  9. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/19/2016

    Amazing, Jeanne, that the phrase "peak of paradise" is actually an understatement when it comes to the beauty of your garden. There are so many sigh worthy combinations... like the iris duo with the dark leafed ( diablo ninebark?) plant highlighting the drama in the picture. Your rowboat water feature is pure genius and such a smile producer with the rusted anchor and bouys adding character to the vignette. Oh, the fun you must have being such a creative artist!

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Michaele! Thanks for the kind comments. Glad you like the boat feature. There are so many wonderful bog and water plants i had to do something! That isnt a ninebark, which i do have and love, but it is a hazelnut. It stays short and full of great color all season. Iam having fun arranging and trying new things. I dont remember half the names of the plants which sometimes worrys me but i use plants like an artist uses paints. Have a great day in your gardens!

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 05/19/2016

        Oh, how interesting about the burgundy leafed plant being a hazelnut. That sent me off on a google search. Is yours the newish variety called 'Red Majestic'? and it's contorted? So cool! I had ninebark on my mind because I saw a variety called 'Little Devil' the other day...I actually had trouble falling asleep last night thinking about where I could plant 3 of them. I don't have enough dark leaves bushes in my garden and this 'Little Devil' seems like it would be a nice addition. Ha, imagine losing sleep over a plant? I'm sure you understand!

        1. User avater
          Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/19/2016

          Where else beside a gardening blog can one find people as neurotic as oneself? :) I don't have to imagine losing sleep over a plant, as it is a regular experience. Or finding that you are staring into space in the kitchen or in the shower, wondering how a new plant will look or how you will acquire it....I used to think it so foolish for people who love sports to be in a bad mood when their team lost, but I carry a dark cloud over my head when something precious in the garden dies or is destroyed. To gardening!

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 05/19/2016

            Well, I surrendered to the siren call of the 'Little Devil' ninebark and just returned from Lowe's with 3 of them. And, darned if a couple of ninebark 'Amber Jubilee' didn't hitch a ride also and end up in the back of my car...otherwise known as The Plantmobile. So, I'm off to dig holes and and add compost to that orange clay that passes as TN soil. I suspect I will sleep well tonight as the itch of plant purchasing has been scratched and I'll be tuckered from the work. In other words, yes, To Gardening!

          2. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/19/2016

            You're a lucky gardener. I'll be anxious to know how Amber Jubilee performs for you. I've considered it often.

        2. greengenes 05/19/2016

          Youre too funny! I have lost sleep over certain plants that is fo sure. This is called corylus avellaca compact red. Hope that helps. I do have a couple of the contorted red ones which put on quite a show too. But as the summer progresses it seems they lose some of their color and head into a dark green period. But they have come out with a newer version than what i have that is supose to stay red for the most part. The ninebarks are very nice too. You can find them short or tall, burgandy or charteuse. Their blooms are quite nice as well! Take care...

  10. cheryl_c 05/19/2016

    Good morning, Jeanne - what a wonderful set of photos to awake to! Do I detect another 'purple-o-phile' gardener? My goodness you have found such wonderful ways to use purple in your garden! I, too, just adore the boat water feature - I'm sure it brings a smile to everybody's face who sees it! We are planting trees now - lost many when we lost our house to fire in 2014. We're adding Black Gum, Spartan Juniper, and probably a holly tree, just in the next few weeks. So, your pictures will inspire me as we dig holes in our limestone hillside!

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Cheryl! so sorry for your loss but good things are ahead for you it seems! You have a nice selection that you are putting in! Glad you like the boat! We were going to get rid of this since it is just fiberglass and unfinished but the idea came to me when i was pricing fountain and pond forms! Cha ching... Anyway it seems to have worked out well. The floats my husband finds while out fishing so that makes it feel sort of beachy... Have fun planting! There is so much hope in gardening!

  11. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/19/2016

    Oh Jeanne! I think of your garden as an old, dear friend that I just don't see often enough. Such a wonderful painting by a talented artist. Your palette is wonderful, plant IDs or not.
    Your rhubarb looks lush and tropical: I was just admiring mine last night because it is bigger than ever. Maybe we should eat some.
    Your weeping purple beech really caught my eye because I just shoehorned one in last night. It probably won't fulfill its potential because is isn't in full sun all day, but I had to have it. The boat feature is great. I love the crazy colors on that Rhodie; almost magenta fading to yellow-orange-my favorite color clash.
    I'm puzzling over the fabulous yellow plant below the glowing blue hosta. The growth habit almost looks like rumex/dock, but what a wild, wild color. What in the world is it?
    Keep on gardening and sharing!

    1. sheila_schultz 05/19/2016

      That plant caught my eye, too, Tim. It's super cool!

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/19/2016

        Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Golden Arrow', maybe?

        1. sheila_schultz 05/19/2016

          I was thinking it looked like it could be a persicaria... I think you've got it Sherlock! Good call!

      2. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/19/2016

        Photo taken by Bonny Lassie; purchased from Far Reaches.

        1. greengenes 05/19/2016

          This is it and that is where i purchased it! It is dangerous living within driving distance to far reaches farm!

          1. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/19/2016

            I am weeping copiously and feeling so sorry for myself, knowing that you can drive to Far Reaches Farm!

          2. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/23/2016

            I had a credit at Lazy S's Farm and used it to order this Persicaria. No idea where I'll put it yet! Thanks for the inspiration.

          3. greengenes 05/23/2016

            Wonderful! You will enjoy it for sure!

    2. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Tim! Well that plant next to the hosta is a persicaria. There are so many different kinds. This one puts out these hot pink finger sized blooms which makes it really fun. This plant brightens up the darkest areas for sure. Iam so glad you purchased a weeping beech! They are so gorgeous! And when the sun shines thru the leaves it becomes almost magical. The tri colored one in picture 12 has had the best color ever this spring. Well you have a wonderful season ahead! I will be looking for more of your plants in pictures!

  12. ijz 05/19/2016

    Amazing at every turn. You truly have an eye for pleasing combinations. You also must have a sore back as this is not easy work. Thank you for sharing.

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Josie... well my back seems quite fine. I like to stay busy and keep flexable so i dont sit down too much only to relax with a glass of wine and get more visions. Thanks and iam glad you enjoy these photos...

  13. user-3565112 05/19/2016

    It's an old saying that if you can't do it with brains you can't do it with time. You have both working for you along with an immensely creative imagination. Every photo is beautiful including the vegetable garden. The blue jacket on the fence, bucket & blue kneeling pad adds a little color & to me says someone works here. . Beautiful job, good luck, Joe

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Thanks Joe... yes i work and play in it all. Enjoy your seasons ahead!

  14. GrannyMay 05/19/2016

    Love, love, love your garden Jeanne! You don't need to remember the names of your plants, just know the look you want, when you have the talent to paint such great pictures with them. I always wanted a Laburnum and you have reminded me how gorgeous they look, especially beside the dark beech. The boat is a fantastic way to showcase water plants and the sound of your fountain must be so soothing while working or relaxing in that paradise. I hope your black bamboo survives its flowering.

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi GrannyMay! Oh so generous with great comments. I guess as a gardener with our gardens we always see how things could be better. The fountain and the boat has really brought in more wildlife. Its been fun to see frogs again and i hope we will have more dragonflies this year. The bamboo is looking so bad but iam not giving up on it. Our golden one went through this a couple of years ago but has bounced back more than ever. So we will see what happens. Have a great spring May!

  15. sheila_schultz 05/19/2016

    Oh Jeanne... your gardens are always such a delight, definitely food for the soul. The vignette's you have put together tell the story of your natural creativity. Thank you for taking us, once again, on a private tour of your little bit of heaven.

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Awh thanks Sheila... Sure wish it could be in person! Hope all is well down your way!

  16. schatzi 05/19/2016

    So nice to see your garden again, Jeanne. Gorgeous - plants, layout, photos - all of it. And don't you love the sunset hued rhodies? At least, that's what I call them. Happy Spring!

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Shirley! Hope all is well with you! I sure do love the sunset colors in the rhodies. It seems that it is getting more available too. Have fun this spring!

  17. Cenepk10 05/19/2016

    This is so stunning- I had to go to the pc to see these pics full size...My favorite color combos- silver, chartreuse and purple ... That veg garden is amazing - Is that arborvitae behind the fountain? So cool. And the boat water garden is so clever. So glad I got to visit your garden ! Glorious

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hi Cenepk10... arent colors in gardens so wonderful! Those are arborvitaes behind the fountain. There are seven of them in a row. I wish it could of shown that more in the photo. It kind of makes it more formal with this kind of fountain. Glad you liked the boat! There are so many different kinds of great water plants!

  18. annek 05/19/2016

    Wow Jeanne...I don't even know where to start. The photos, perspectives, textures, plant combinations, garden rooms, and 'garden aura' are incredible. Like Cherry, I can't seem to pick a favorite, but love the cohesiveness of your plantings. Your property looks huge. I think you've mentioned it before, but remind me how many acres you garden. Do you have help? Does hubby enjoy gardening as much as you do?

    1. greengenes 05/19/2016

      Hey spanish traveler! Thanks and iam glad you enjoyed these photos. We have five acres and about two thirds are in cultivation including the house. Its getting to be where i need to hire out some work though. I have got to stop making new areas. But there is always one more tree or plant that i fall inlove with! My husband does help now that he is retired. He mows the lawns and takes the backhoe and digs up new areas. I use to do it by hand and shovel but i started waking up at night with my hands in a grasping position as if iam pulling weeds! Got to slow down! Its all good. Life is so short and i want to do so many things! Enjoy your spring!

      1. annek 05/20/2016

        Your enthusiasm and energy are grand! Glad to know you have a helpful hubby and that you are considering hiring out some of the labor. What a garden!!!

  19. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 05/19/2016

    Jeanne, I hope that you also just sit in your garden occasionally to enjoy all of your hard work. Really like the way you've put things together. We can all buy plants but how they're displayed brings out the best in them and you've mastered that in your 35 yrs in the garden. Love the blue pots with the clematis and your weeping beech with the willow and Laburnum are just beautiful. I'm envious of your blue poppy. I have yet to try one but none of my gardening friends have had success with them. My red one from Far Reaches is going gangbusters, so I may brave a blue one. You can't beat that color. Happy planting, Linda.

  20. Meelianthus 05/19/2016

    Hi Jeanne ~ I am breathless, so beautiful! Your fountain looks so grand and everything around it has really filled in nicely. I can see that your gardens are having a wonderful Spring. I love the photo with the bamboo, so serene and that Petisetis is incredible. Wish I had room for such a display. Looking forward to seeing it all in person some time soon.

  21. nenitafranck 05/19/2016

    Your garden is so inspiring to younger gardens like mine also in the PNW on the Oregon Coast. 35 yrs sounds so mature. 5 acres sounds so huge. You've enjoyed your garden for such a long time. It's good to hear that your body has kept up physically. You must have cherished relationships with each of your plants. That is a beautiful garden and your heart shows in every single plant. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. greengenes 05/23/2016

      HI Nenita...yes it seems that i have cherished the relationships with all the plants. Its funny that you say that because you are the first that maybe understands my crazy life. When iam not working in an area for a while i do miss those plants and feel how they are doing. Iam glad this has inspired you. It does take time but its so fun along the way! That is great that you live along the oregon coast. We love it down there. Wouldnt mind moving there actually. Happy gardening!

  22. user-4691082 05/19/2016

    It's so late in the day for me to just be seeing this now, but so worth the wait! That Rhodie is fabulous !!! My favorite combo too, Tim. I think we need to do garden tours in person!!! The PNW gardens are magical. Well done Jeanne!

  23. Cenepk10 05/20/2016

    Just had to come back & view again. So stunning. That soil in the veg. Those rocks & the lovely way they are laid. That fountain & the gorgeous design with the hostas & hydrangeas & arborvitae. ( looks like hydrangeas ) colors ... Just really, really good design - all the way around. Brava !!!

  24. user-7007940 05/20/2016

    Nice garden. I live in PNW too. Newcastle, WA.

  25. user-4691082 05/20/2016

    I don't know what a Laburnum is, I have a lot to learn. I forgot to tell you how much I love the first photo with the lantern. I love photography and I can't stop going through your photos!

  26. user-7007496 09/22/2016

    Stunning is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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