Genus: Banana


Banana (Musa)
About 40 species of evergreen perennials make up this genus from India, Bangladesh, Asia, and Australia. They are grown for their very large leaves, their colorful flowers, and their edible fruits (including bananas and plantains). Use Musa as specimens or in a greenhouse.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Very large leaves; edible fruit.
Care:  Provide full sun and humusy soil in a sheltered position. Foliage is susceptible to wind damage. Indoors, grow in full light with protection from hot sun.

Smaller species can be divided every few years. Sow fresh seed at 70-75°F.


Spider mites, mealybugs, aphids, burrowing nematode, cucumber mosaic virus, black leaf streak, anthracnose, wilt.

Species, varieties and clutivars for genus Musa

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Blood banana
Musa zebrina