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    Terrific Small Trees for Yards of Any Size

    Trees add beauty and curb appeal to your garden. They increase your property value, bring year-round structure, and provide habitat for wildlife. There’s no doubt planting a tree is a…

  • Design

    A Woodland Garden Design

    In 1989, after 13 years of marriage, my husband, Bud, and I ventured back to my hometown with our family of four. A beautiful piece of property awaited us: a…

  • Varied border of trees, shrubs and perennials along a property line

    Plants for Property Lines

    We have all seen it: the line of arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 2–7) marching down the property line, stiff as can be, their heads lopped off…

  • Design

    Combinations Made in the Shade

    When paired, these subtle perennials bring out the best in each other

  • Design

    Dry Stream Does Double Duty

    A streambed stops erosion and enhances the landscape

  • Design

    Trees for Tight Spaces

    Think you don't have room? Never feel restricted again with these small problem solvers

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    Moss Makes a Lush Carpet

    This easy-to-tend ground cover forms the foundation of a sculpted woodland retreat

  • Design

    Composing With Conifers

    For a dynamic look, contrast different shapes and colors