• lady bugs

    How to Attract Good Bugs to Your Garden

    It happens every spring. First, a few aphids appear on the cold crops. I barely notice. A week later, the aphids have doubled. I start to get concerned. After another…

  • Purple coneflower

    20 Great Perennials to Start From Seed

    Perennials are the workhorses of most gardens. They reliably return, year after year, and bulk up relatively fast. Perennials can be pricey, though, especially when compared to many annual plants,…

  • Design

    A Banner Year in the Garden

    My name is Biyuan Yang, and I garden in northern New Jersey. I have shared pictures of my garden before (click here and here), and this year my garden is…

  • Design

    Garden With a Side of Mountains

    Today Jordan Buckner is sharing photos of a beautiful garden he had the chance to visit recently. I recently visited Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee, Washington. I live 90 miles north…

  • Article

    Making a Garden From Scratch

    Brenda’s garden is up today. As you’ll see, she’s created quite the garden from virtually nothing! We started with an old hayfield full of weeds that was subdivided into 5-acre…