• Jenny and Chris Jackson of Jenny Jack Sun Farm, Pine Mountain, Georgia

    How Market Growers Make Gardening Their Business

    Market growers are horticultural heroes, delivering loads of fresh produce directly to local customers at farmers’ markets, community-supported agriculture (CSA) sites, and roadside stands all season long. These hardworking folks…

  • Design

    Impress From a Distance

    The prospect of landscaping a 2-acre hillside with a 20-foot drop was daunting, at first. Although I’d gardened slopes before, none were of this magnitude. There were erosion and maintenance…

  • Article

    A Garden That Plants Itself

    The Garden in a Nutshell USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 Light: Full sun Soil: Clay loam amended each year with compost and manure Maintenance level: Medium Biggest challenge: Staying on top…

  • Article

    Healthy Soil Is Just a Cover Crop Away

    Healthy soil provides a building block for healthy plants, so wouldn’t it be great if plants could give something back? In some cases, they do. That’s the purpose of cover…