Water-Wise Plants

  • Episode 138: Water-Wise Perennials

    Episode 138: Water-Wise Perennials

    Drought has become synonymous with gardening in the past several years. It seems like regardless of where you live, you will experience some sort of dry conditions in summer. This…

  • drought-tolerant garden ideas

    Gorgeous Drought-Tolerant Garden Plans and Ideas

    We watch The Weather Channel a lot in my household. There’s even a family joke that my husband missed his calling by not becoming a meteorologist. Nearly every morning starts…

  • drought-resistant garden

    Tips for Creating a Drought-Tolerant Landscape

    Drought-tolerant landscapes come in all shapes and sizes. From a large, expansive bed that runs the entire length of a property line to a small nook that bakes all day…

  • drought-resistant plants

    How to Identify a Drought-Tolerant Plant

    Characteristics such as size, color, and texture can help you determine whether a plant might be a good candidate for a dry garden. There are exceptions to every rule, however,…

  • northern california native plants

    Great Native Plants for Gardens in Northern California

    Many plants native to California—and the hybridized cultivars of those natives (aka nativars)—are attractive, easy-to-grow pollinator magnets, plus they have evolved strategies to survive California's long, rainless summers. Even during…