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    Turkish Delight

    Ev sent in these images of her garden in Antalya, Turkey.   Bougainvillea is an iconic vine in warm, dry parts of the world. Only hardy in Zones 9–11, it…

  • A passageway with vertical shrubs, shade-loving vines, and woodland favorites like ferns.

    Plants for Shady Passageways

    The frequently used pathway along the west side of my house is shady all day. Wedged between the house and a 5-foot fence, this narrow space was once a homeland…

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    Homegrown Grapes

    Some plants are grown strictly for the beauty that they bring to the garden. Some are more utilitarian in nature, grown primarily for food. Then there are plants that offer…

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    Grow Tomatoes Vertically to Enhance Your Harvest

    Tomatoes are delicious, abundant, and easy to love, but the plants on which they grow can be a challenge. Left to their own devices, tomato plants will sprawl over the…

  • taming sprawling veggies

    Learn How to Trellis Your Sprawling Veggies

    Cucumbers, winter and summer squash, and melons are infamous for sprawling beyond their allotted space. Attempts to contain the relentless growth of the Cucurbitaceae family by simply moving growing tips…